Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Kaiser Imperial Oktoberfest

Just a few short clips from my recent trip before we go drinking tonight.

On the way to Bogota, the Avianca flight attendant asked my son what he'd like to drink. Diet Coke. Then she asked me the same question, also in Spanish. I replied, "Diet Coke, too." That's when she started saying something about "Dos, Tres" at which point she handed me Two glasses of soda. It took me a minute, but I was cracking the hell up when I realized she thought my "too" was "two" and she didn't even think the request was so strange.

In Bogota, my mother-in-law's car had the seat belts stolen from the rear seats. Don't ask me how, but it happened just in time as we got waved over by the street patrol doing a seat belt inspection. She pulled over way ahead of the wait-for-your-ticket-line, and when no cop came up in the next two minutes, she bolted. Funny stuff! I guess the cops didn't want to bother to walk that extra 50 yards.

I saw the end results of a truck not making a sharp turn on a steep downward incline. It actually looked like he didn't even try to turn as his truck was on the side of the mountain at 45 degrees up. Made the news the next morning.

Where else can you see a very poor horse-drawn trailer pass by a Porsche dealership? Where else will you see a hair salon as a major winter tourist attraction? Bogota, of course! Norberto, which is apparently Bogota's best salon, has the entire place decked out for Christmas; they even have the sidewalk looking like snow. But "no tocar" dudes, because they have a ton of security there to protect their displays. (But I couldn't find one damn picture, shit).

Tonight I'm drinking The Kaiser Imperial Oktoberfest brewed by Avery Brewing Company in Boulder, Colorado. This one was bottled in 2009, for the record.

The aroma is malty with a good bit of spiciness. A little bread in the aroma as it warms up, too. Flavors start out much the same, with tons of malt and a very noticeable black pepper spice. The flavors lean on the sweet side in the beginning. Dark fruits and plums along with some chocolate and caramel are secondary flavors, and you will also get some subtle burnt and smokey flavors as well. Right from the beginning, you are made aware that the alcohol in this big 22 is there, all 9.73% of it. It is very prominent and starts warming you almost before you take your first sip. The Kaiser is rich, medium-to-full bodied, and thick like cough syrup. Alcohol like your finer cough syrups, too! I'm on the second half of this big beer, and while the flavors are still tasty, the alcohol is getting slightly annoying. A good beer; however, I'm suggesting you share it!

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