Thursday, December 3, 2009

Samuel Adams Honey Porter

I got in trouble while I was in Colombia last week. No, the coke dogs didn't find the drugs or weapons. And no, my wife wasn't even pissed when I had way too much gin and whiskey one night. I mean, really, if there is not good beer, what can anyone expect?

But one morning, my son told me that he heard me saying bad words with my cousin-in-law the night before, including the "F" word. I swear, she is such a bad influence! Well, I didn't deny it because I'm sure it was true. How hard could it have been to pick up "fuck" amongst the nonsense Spanish conversation that everyone else was speaking? I told him that he should not use those words, that they are not nice at all, and that I shouldn't have said them either. Then, like Tiger Woods, I said so quietly that only A Who could hear me, "unless I wont get caught".

My punishment? Samuel Adams Honey Porter brewed by The Boston Beer Company in either Boston, Massachusetts or Cincinnati, Ohio. Yes, I know. I'm too harsh on myself with penalties! This is another member of their Brewmaster's Collection.

The aroma is mostly sweet honey, but there are light toasted and coffee scents, too. You will start out with more roasted, malty flavors, some caramel and burnt coffee. This beer is a little spicy as well. At that point, the honey flavors do come in and ease away some of that richness and spiciness. But not in a sweet way. The carbonation is sharp right from the start, but once you get used to it, this is a smooth drinker. The finish is slightly dry and bitter. And some smokiness comes into play as the beer warms. Was pretty good, very flavorful.

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Lost said...

I'm from the Boston area. Years ago I'm sure I had this beer a fair amount. However I haven't had it in some time.

I definitely don't remember it being as complex as you describe. I'm definitely going to have to give it another go.


Beer Drinker Rob said...

Hey Lost.

Not too complex. Honey, caramel and burnt flavors with big carbonation. Maybe a little more when warmer.

I really like most Sam Adams beers. But their Boston Lager is my favorite. It'll be tough to make me switch.