Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Santa Fe Nut Brown Ale

Remember the bathroom problem my youngest kid was having in school several months ago? He was one of the last ones to be potty trained, not because he didn't know what to do, but for some reason he just refused. So lots of school-teacher-parent tensions. Well we had an excellent weekend with almost no accidents for the entire long holiday.

So I decided to send the kid to school in underwear yesterday to see what would happen. You should have seen this kid when we walked in first thing in the morning. The first thing he did was lower his pants a few inches to show the teacher he was wearing underwear. A bit of showing off, not unlike when Reggie in 48 Hours opened his jacket to show Cates that he acquired a gun and was packing heat. Anyway, no accidents and everyone was very pleased, two days in a row! 'Bout time, too. Pull ups were cutting into my beer budget!

Tonight I'm drinking Santa Fe Nut Brown Ale brewed by Santa Fe Brewing Company in Santa Fe, New Mexico. First beer from this brewery for me. The aroma is not very strong, but you will smell malty and roasted, nutty scents if you think you will. Concentrate. Smooth texture is the first thing that crossed my mind when I started drinking this beer. You will taste some chocolate and caramel, some malt and nutty, even some fruity flavors. Those are all pretty nice. But there is some strange flavor that follows those, all the way into a weird aftertaste. It's very hard to describe but it has some "hospital" or "old people" and metallic, funky qualities, and that is very hard to get past. The body is thin and watery and the carbonation is prickly. I really can't forget that strangeness!

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Cooking Asshole said...

Blech! New Mexico beer? No thank you!

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Yeah, dude.

You know that in the past year or maybe a little more they (New Mexico) just outlawed cock fighting? That is some good stuff!

So I guess they picked up brewing to pass the time.

Pearl said...

Oh, I absolutely approve of the Santa Fe Nut Brown Ale!

In case you were wondering. :-)


Beer Drinker Rob said...

Thanks, Pearl. I was absolutely wondering what you thought. Be careful over at the Cooking Asshole's website. He's not nearly as nice.