Thursday, December 31, 2009

Sweetwater IPA

I've got some New Year's Resolutions. Duh! And you are going to hear about them, but not until sometime in January, maybe in excruciatingly slow fashion, one at a time! The reason? I have a few suggestions for some breweries when they are making their lists of things to work on. I mean, I certainly give praise when it is due. This should also be useful.

First, a few rhetorical questions.

Are some breweries that busy and have so much business that they can selectively answer emails and tweets about their products, while seemingly neglecting others?

Do breweries think that questions that come from people out of their distribution zone are not important? If you answered yes, and you work for one of these breweries, you are a fucking idiot!

Do breweries realize that everything they say online is fair game?

I was going to name a few names, but really I think if you are a brewery (or any business online), you can probably figure out where I am going with my questions. In just the past two weeks, I've asked some extremely simple questions. Dudes, I want to buy your fucking beer! Don't you like making sales? If your website has the shittiest beer finder on earth, but says you distribute in San Antonio, and I ask you where in San Antonio I can find it.... Fucking answer me. If I ask you if you bottle a particular beer... Fucking answer me.

It's not like I asked someone who didn't know how to play on Twitter to be a Twit-master. My questions were just clearly ignored. These same breweries were playing "Ha Ha Ha" and "Go to my event" and "Did you see" and "I need attention" type shit all day. Customer service matters! Next time, I'll add your names. People care what other consumers have to say.

Let me finish with a quote from a very well-known and respected person in the beer community. He actually wrote this just a few minutes ago as I was finishing my post, and I could not disagree more! If you care, you can find out who said this. "Complaints don't provide new or interesting information, thus are rarely useful. Real problems that need fixing don't require complaints."


Lover Lady said...

Dude! You gots the Sweetwater. Sweet!

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Yeah, bunny. I gots it for about 6 weeks past its drink by date, too. Was still a really good beer.

Cooking Asshole said...

"Complaints don't provide new or interesting information, thus are rarely useful. Real problems that need fixing don't require complaints."

What a jackass!!!

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Yes, the comment was so timely. I was already "complaining" about poor customer service from breweries.

Then that gem came along out of nowhere like manna from Heaven.

Lover Lady said...

Yeah, Sweetwater is real particular about all the dating stuff which I personally think is a bunch of hooey.

And as someone who is married to a lifelong retail manager, customer service is EVERYTHING.