Thursday, December 10, 2009

Yellow Snow IPA

You shouldn't eat yellow snow (or brown snow either, if you must be told). Is that news to you? Here in Miami, we have no snow, so this is not a lesson that I've had to teach my children, although I doubt they'd look at yellow snow and say Mmmm. Today, seriously, it was 89 degrees here, record highs, while half the country is in single digits. The best we have is Christmas lights and decorations. I really miss the snow, and yes, I've made my share of the yellow stuff in my day. Damn, I haven't been skiing in a decade!

On topic, tonight I'm drinking Yellow Snow IPA brewed by Rogue Ales in Newport, Oregon. Interesting name, right? This beer is Dedicated to Common Sense (probably the not eating it part) and the label also says, "Together We Can Do it." Not sure why the "it" is not capitalized, but maybe it's just a little "it". Anyone know what the "it" is? Sounds like a Bill Clinton hearing, right?

I'm about halfway through big 22. There is a nice, yet not too big, pine and lemon aroma. The flavors start out similarly with nice lemon and orange citrus right up front. Lots of pine and slightly oily, yet the initial flavors are on the lightly sweet side. Big hops take over that sweetness, and by the end you have a big bitter bite to this beer, which for me was completely wonderful. I don't find any malty flavors in this beer, just hops, yet this is not a hop bomb by any stretch. Crisp and very refreshing with a light spiciness, too. The finish is dry and bitter and the aftertaste lasts forever, although it does include a strange little metal flavor. Very solid, tasty IPA that I could drink all night. This was a really good beer! Definitely drink this Yellow Snow!

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Cooking Asshole said...

This beer is also known as Juniper Pale Ale

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Really? Hmmm. I guess I'm gonna have to look into that, but considering you used to work there, I'm a believer!