Sunday, January 31, 2010

Racer 5 India Pale Ale

So the wife was nagging me again about my driving. You're going too fast... You're driving like a maniac... We're not in a hurry... And basically saying I'm impatient in every aspect of being behind the wheel. And I'm here to explain why.

I am in a hurry! You see, the absolute high level of stress put on my body by all the idiot drivers out there is shortening my life. It is essential that I get where I'm going as soon as possible because all of these go-slow-turn-signal-around-the-world-cell-phone-not-paying-attention-giant-monster-car-can't-park people are making it so I have less time to do what I want and need to do. So yes, I'm in a hurry!

This afternoon, being on my driving rant, I'm drinking Racer 5 India Pale Ale brewed by Bear Republic Brewing Company in Healdsburg and Cloverdale, California. Considering the big reputation that this beer has, it was nice to see that the brewery's motto "Bigger is Better". This beer was one of the assortment that came from South Carolina a few weeks back. Thanks again!

Grapefruit and orange, very fruity and wonderful aroma. Nice grapefruit and lots of pine flavors start out the tasting. There are also plenty of sweeter fruits such as orange and pineapple and more tropical varieties that kept bitter from running away with the show, though. Despite a really awesome balance of flavors, there was the expected and loved bitter grapefruit bite along with a light black pepper spiciness. The 7% alcohol was not really a factor except that it accentuated that grapefruit toward the end. Again, I adore that! Smooth and creamy, oily texture, perfect medium carbonation. Crisp and refreshing and a bitter, clean finish. I loved this IPA, so as the kids younger than my 38 say, <3. I hope I got that right!

I also did another review today. A repeat. No, I didn't make a duplication mistake. No one could ever say that about having another Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout!

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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Orchard White

Here in South Florida, we've been eagerly awaiting the arrival of beers from The Bruery, a Placentia, California brewery with a great reputation. I had almost forgotten about it though until fellow Florida beer enthusiast Mike said a few days ago that it could be this week. Since I couldn't convince the wife to be designated driver for the long hike up to the Jupiter Craft Brewer's Festival this afternoon, which was a pity, I decided to have a festival of my own over at the Pembroke Pines Total Wine, where they'd hopefully have their new shipment.

Yep! They had four different bottles including the famous 2 Turtle Doves and the one I decided to review today. They all come in wine-sized bottles, and I grabbed one of each, a bit like a kid in a candy store. When the cashier packed up my wine box with my beer purchase on the way out, it felt good. Cap that off with a Grand Marnier wannabe shot by the door and I was set for the day!

The Bruery beer I decided on was Orchard White, a Belgian-style witbier. The bottle is quite handsome and elegant. It says serve at 45 degrees, that it's brewed with spices, wheat and oats, and that this is a year-round beer.

Wheat dominates the aroma, with a good dose of lemon and orange and just a tad of spice. Flavors also bring out a lot of wheat with yeast and banana all over the place. Orange and lemon peel along with some coriander also are significant contributors. The texture is dirty and it feels thick in the mouth. I can't help but think of the word "foamy". Bready and grainy, too. Also, the carbonation is very high, zippy if you will indulge me. There is this lingering, dashing-in-and-out flower flavor that keeps saying hello, and a light black pepper spice can be found toward the end as well. The 5.7% alcohol was not a factor. Yeasty, dirty ending. Definitely a decent beer, but I was expecting a little more wow! Check it out if you can.

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Friday, January 29, 2010

Santa Fe Pale Ale

Holy busy workday, Batman! After I got done reading my fan mail, the ones that suggested I just review beer and be boring and keep my opinions to myself, a tsunami of actual work came my way. It's actually still coming, but I've got my priorities set on you! I did manage to squeeze in a beer tasting with some coworkers to celebrate the end of a busy month. Was good. Dead Guy, Raging Bitch, Gonzo, Storm King, Hibernation Ale. Except for Dead Guy, which was too big for my 7 pack, they are all pictured here together in this kick-ass assortment. Yes, I'm a good co-worker, I know! My friends liked the names, and it was fun watching their faces and listening to their comments. We drank out of ceramic coffee mugs. Was that or Styrofoam.

After all of those big beers earlier, tonight I'm drinking Santa Fe Pale Ale brewed by Santa Fe Brewing Company in you guessed it, Santa Fe, New Mexico. Very original!

Fruity orange aroma. The flavors are fruity too with a solid amount of caramel flavors as well. Orange, peach and honey in addition to some citrus are the main ones. Just enough hops crash on the couch to add a bitter touch of refreshment. Medium carbonation, medium body, not watery like a lot in this style. In fact, this was very flavorful! A dry finish with just a touch of metal ends this beer, its least attractive aspect. However, if this beer were available here, I'd probably drink it again.

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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Lucky Kat

Did you all see the President's campaign speech last night where in front of the entire Legislative Branch and millions of viewers from every country in the world, he called out and intimidated the Judicial Branch's Supreme Court? What the fuck is he thinking about? Obviously he's not thinking or is just not as smart as he thinks he is. And Senator Chuck Schumer leaning into the Supreme Court members with his loud clapping, bullying and basically showing them up was also way out of line! He should definitely know better.

The idea that Obama's statement is acceptable because of "checks and balances" is ludicrous. This was not just a disagreement. This was the President of the United States at the State of the Union address using his Executive Branch privilege at a joint session of Congress to say the final decision makers on US Constitutional Law were wrong and he was going to fix it. I call Bullshit! And for those of you that say Obama is an expert on Constitutional Law because of his education, bite me! He has zero judicial experience. Again, smart, but not as much as he thinks he is.

Oh, and one more comment. This dude needs someone to tap him on the shoulder and tell him to drop the campaigning because he's already the fucking President! He must have missed that memo.

Tonight I am drinking Lucky Kat, an IPA brewed by Magic Hat Brewing Company in South Burlington, Vermont. This came to me via my SC connection. The only Magic Hat beer available here right now is apricot beer #9. Again, apparently Total Wine in Greenville, SC has some old stock on their shelves. My friend bought this "drink by the end of June, 2009 beer" in mid-January, 2010. If you go to that store and are a freshness believer, check before you buy. I'm going to let them know right now as well.

Citrus and fruity aroma, nice but not very strong. The flavors start out fruity, plenty of orange and pear, with no real hops or grapefruit bitter bite. The beer is balanced and not sweet either, though. Then there is a little pine and black pepper spicy flavor. The flavors are mostly subdued and although they are good, this beer is a little watery and has a hard time keeping up with its medium to upper-level carbonation. The 5.8% alcohol never shows up, which was fine, and the fruity flavors left on the palate last and are very pleasant. Pretty decent beer.

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Founders Harvest Ale

Tonight is President Obama's first State of the Union address. Before he gives the speech later, and since this speech is basically an annual summary, I am going to make a bold prediction based on what I've seen in one year. The President's predictions will likely vary from mine slightly.

So if you're not sitting down and holding on to something tightly, now's your chance. Here you go... Hillary Clinton will challenge Obama for the Democratic nomination in 2012! I know you're asking yourselves if I have some inside information. No, I do not. The only time Hillary and I have ever spoken was back when I was one of her constituents in New York, ten or so years ago.

You see, back when they still called the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services its non-PC name of just Immigration, my wife and I were having a bunch of shit thrown our way about her status. Which was when I called Senator Clinton's office. To set the facts straight, I am sure that Hillary was very interested in my case, but I actually spoke to an assistant to an assistant to... you get the idea. Um. We never actually "spoke" although I'm sure she tried to reach me.

So are we going to look back in 2 years, maybe a little longer, to see that I'm right? What do you think? Again off-topic, I hope one of these dudes or dudettes tonight put "Joe the Plumber" on their guest list. They made him famous but got him a bunch of shit, too!

I'm speech prepping myself tonight over a Founders Harvest Ale brewed by Founders Brewing Company in Grand Rapids, Michigan. This is my second from Founders after tasting their excellent Centennial IPA a week or so ago. Once again, the labels (as you may see from the picture below, depending on my photographic skills tonight) are very sloppily put on the bottle, both extremely crooked and not centered on each other. So I have just Christened this brewery the "Crooked Label Brewery" and plan on sending them a protractor for Christmas. This is also a wet-hopped ale according to the label.

Hoppy with fruity orange and watermelon aroma, floral too. Mmmm. The flavors are just as nice as the aroma. Grapefruit and pine are matched perfectly with sweet, fruity orange and pear flavors. Those fruity flavors are so juicy and refreshing, delicious and incredible! The beer then dries out a bit and shows just a touch of spiciness before finishing with a clean, piney bitterness. Wow, this is a home run! And not the kind that McGwire used to hit. The juice in this is legitimate. Get some!

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Old Jubilation Ale

Hey Bill O'Reilly,

Can you do something about the advertisements on Fox News Channel?

It is absolutely ridiculous and insulting that this network thinks it needs to double the volume for its commercials. I will never buy something from AFLAC, LegalZoom (don't anger Robert Shapiro), Atlantis, Lexus or Sandals. I am a regular viewer, I have thought about this before, but last night this was just pissing me off. So I'm making a public stand. I guarantee that I am not alone, and if this problem doesn't get solved, not only might you (and your colleagues) lose some viewership time from me, but I will NEVER buy a product from any advertiser I see on FNC when I do watch. I will also name these advertisers frequently so that others (if they wish to opine as well) can put the pressure on Fox News via your advertisers.

I realize that these decisions are not yours to make, but reality check knows that you are the Big Man On Campus and have a lot of influence. Like when you put the screws to how many celebrities to hold their charities accountable after 9-11, which was awesome, I'm asking you to act similarly on behalf of your viewers.

Thank you for listening. Now go book Barney Frank again!

Looking around the internet, even our Congress has decided this is an important issue. After all, when healthcare bombs, they are going to need this commerical-volume-lowering pat on the back! As annoying as this whole thing is, the government needs to stay out of it. How hard is it to force action by attacking the offenders' pocket books?

Tonight I'm drinking Old Jubilation Ale brewed by Avery Brewing Company in Boulder, Colorado. There is a nice winter scene on the label, complete with snow and horse-drawn sleighs.

Sweet caramel with booze, plus dark fruits make for a nice aroma. The flavors are sweet to start, too, with dark fruit and a touch of caramel. But hops and an oily, piney bitterness comes in to balance that out--I liked that part. Low carbonation and oh so smooth and creamy. A boozy alcohol then comes in and warms a ton; it is not concealed at all. Same with the nice little spicy hit you are forced to take. This was a pretty decent beer, nothing too exceptional, but good. Time to move on to next season!

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Monday, January 25, 2010

Voodoo Vator

Two funny things today.

On the way out of my kid's school parking lot this morning, I spotted a Florida license plate that said "HOPS". Yes, HOPS, that's it, no numbers or other letter distractions. I took off after that car! We were actually on the move so I didn't get a good photo from my cell phone at 50 mph. Even when we got to the next traffic light, this dude was turning right and never did come to a complete stop. But I did get a photo, shitty as it is, and I know what vehicle to look for in the days to come for a better photo opportunity.

When I got home, I had a letter waiting from the Neptune Society, "America's Cremation Specialists". The envelope tried (successfully) to get me to open it by offering a "Free Pre-Paid Cremation!" There was one of those cards inside as well, the kind you (older generation) used to fill out to get a magazine subscription, but this one was an information request card with a Pre-Paid Cremation prize bribe. I had no idea cremation was advertised before death, but I guess it makes sense. When she got home, my wife asked me why I had saved this particular piece of junk mail. I just smiled in that special way.

Again, get used to shitty pictures here. This one is better than the license plate HOPS picture. If you don't like it, buy me some photography lessons and a new camera! Click it and you'll be able to read everything.

Tonight I'm drinking Voodoo Vator brewed by Atwater Block Brewery in Detroit, Michigan. There is a skull on the label with a hat on. Hmmm. They call this a Dopplebock High-Gravity Lager.

Holy Shit! These guys must have invented some super-carbonation time machine. Even Unibroue and their usual over-indulgence in bubbles has nothing on this! Except when I was in a college bottle-tapping war, or dropping a bottle on the floor followed by an immediate opening, or Diet Coke + Mentos, I have NEVER had a bottle of beer explode on me like this one. The undisturbed bottle caught me completely off guard when it overflowed everywhere. Sucks!

Once I was back in control, the aroma was decent with sweet dark fruits. But yep, you guessed it, the massive carbonation stifled any flavors and it was hard to taste anything. There were some distant burnt and roasted malty flavors, but the main taste in my mouth was sterile operating room chemical, and that dried out my mouth very unpleasantly! Not good. Not satisfying. If there was one blessing here, it was that the carbonation on opening got rid of a third of the bottle for me! Pass!

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Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Duck-Rabbit Brown Ale

There is a tree in my backyard and an identical tree in my neighbor's backyard that have recently come under the pressure of a strange phenomenon. (The first picture is in my yard; the second is in my neighbor's yard from a far angle so that they don't think I'm creepy. If you think my photography sucks, tough shit. Click the pics to see them GIANT.) I like to call this the "north side of the tree shed every leaf" syndrome. Seriously, what the hell is going on here? Five years old, never dropped a single leaf, and then in a three-day time period filled the yard with half of its leaves. And only one half? We did have near freezing weather, but that was over a week ago. Then we had dry weather but it has rained. And symmetrically half the tree? WTF! Tree-huggers, any suggestions?

This afternoon I'm drinking The Duck-Rabbit Brown Ale brewed by The Duck-Rabbit Craft Brewery in Farmville, North Carolina. Weird name--maybe these guys can explain why the Easter bunny delivers hard-boiled eggs. The logo is also interesting and memorable. These guys go on to call themselves "THE DARK BEER SPECIALIST" and describe this beer as "Hoppy and Beautifully Bitter".

The label says enjoy by 9/2009 so clearly I missed that deadline. But let me pose a question. Who's fault is it that I missed that deadline? My inexperienced non-beer-buying-non-beer-drinking friend purchased this from a major retailer in the middle of January, 2010, already 4 months past the enjoy by date. Is it her fault for not looking? Major retailer for not putting it on a discount rack for immediate sale? Distributor for not rotating the stock quickly enough? The beer's fault for not being good enough to sell at the anticipated rate? Brewery's fault for not promoting it? I'd love to know your thoughts although I am not a true believer of the enjoy by date in the first place. So I'll drink it anyway and consider it equal to fresh.

The aroma sports some very rich coffee and malts, along with a candy-sweet butterscotch scent reminiscent of ice cream topping. Flavors start out a little nutty with herbal tea very noticeable. Coffee and some chocolate, but plenty of hops are present to make this lightly bitter. Quite different than the sweet aroma suggested. Burnt and smoky flavors hide in the background as well. Light to medium body and carbonation--I wanted both upped just a little bit. Burnt chocolate and coffee flavors are left on your palate when all is said and done. I didn't love this beer, but I did like it and would drink it again no doubt!

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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Ricardo's Red Rocket Ale

I got the email to the left from DirecTV a few weeks ago but didn't read it until yesterday. It's a little like the TV commercial where Ben Franklins are walking throught the guy's door because he got all of his friends to sign up.

But if you've ever considered signing up for DirecTV, I haven't seen a better deal than this. Yes, I will get that Ben Franklin credit if you are kind enough to use my account number, but you will get $100 in bill credits and a $100 Visa Prepaid Card.

There are some terms, like it being a CHOICE package or higher and how long you have to keep your service, but likely nothing you haven't heard before. Just ask the phone rep.

If you're not convinced about DirecTV as a product, I have only good things to say about them. I've been with them for over 5 years, all the years I've lived in my house. Yes, I've called to complain about stupid crap (usually after too many beers) and yes hurricanes cause outage, but these dudes always come up with a solid solution. They called me a few months ago to thank me for my loyalty, and I ended up with every movie channel and the NFL Sunday Ticket for the rest of the season for just $2 dollars a month more, no strings attached. I don't stick my neck out for shitty businesses! DTV has great service and programming!

If you decide to go for it, the phone number there is 1-800-507-4045 and since my account number is in 1 sized font, it is 25066170 (I verified with my real bill). Somewhere there it says this offer expires on 2/8 so you have a few weeks. Thanks a lot!

This afternoon I'm drinking Ricardo's Red Rocket Ale brewed by Bear Republic Brewing Company in Healdsburg or Cloverdale, California. This is the brewery's flagship beer, although it is currently being outsold by Racer 5. The label has the beer's name in bold and catchy red lettering and goes on to call this beer "a bastardized Scottish style red ale". At the bottom is the phrase "SONOMA COUNTY ALES". OK. Here comes my BROWARD COUNTY REVIEW!

The initial aroma has some pine and grapefruit, but those give way to some caramel and maltiness--very nice. There is a good little bitter grapefruit bite to start things off, but that is accompanied by very flavorful fruity pear and apple flavors. Juicy and quenching. Creamy and smooth in the mouth. On the back side of the flavor profile, spicy black pepper adds some kick to this beer, and the medium carbonation is just right to make sure you notice. The 6.8% alcohol is completely hidden. You are left with bitter on your palate, a nice and clean ending. This beer is a winner. I really liked it! Seems I'm on a roll of terrific beers these past several days.

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Friday, January 22, 2010

B.O.R.I.S. The Crusher Oatmeal-Imperial Stout

Considering my recent score from Greenville, South Carolina, my sometimes affiliation with the Claymont store in Delaware (which rightfully brags 200 feet south of the PA border), and of course my beloved Pembroke Pines store amongst several here in South Florida, I'd say Total Wine is a regular stop. It actually crossed my mind that in essence I have "Ho's" in different area codes. The 864, The 302, The 954. OK, don't make me drop a rap on you guys. And considering the Ho's in that video clearly relish their title, I consider that word the sincerest of compliments for Total Wine, who I have regularly identified as a steady girlfriend!

Tonight I'm drinking B.O.R.I.S. The Crusher Oatmeal-Imperial Stout brewed by Hoppin' Frog Brewing Company in Akron, Ohio. This beer you probably noticed was part of the gift from my colleague in South Carolina. Nice bottle, big 22, and the frog with the beer and colors grab your attention. There is also a sticker that lets you know this beer won a Gold Medal at the 2008 GABF in the Imperial Stout category. Mmmm. One of my absolute favorite categories! Also, should you be in an inquisitive mood, B.O.R.I.S. stands for Bodacious Oatmeal Russian Imperial Stout. Let's go!

Chocolate and roasted scents are the key factors, but some dark fruit in the background also enhances an already nice aroma. The flavors start out with dark fruit and raisins intertwined with milk chocolate in a silky smooth introduction. Very rich, full body and chewy texture. There is also a really unique tart raspberry fruity element, and it's not just a glancing flavor. Very refreshing in the middle of a giant thick stout. Black licorice says hello, too. Smokey and roasted malts play along in this very complex beer. Everything is enhancing everything else--great. Even the 9.4% alcohol is a prominent player, and for sure you will feel the bite and warmth, but not in any kind of overbearing way. This beer coats the entire mouth, and the medium carbonation is right on target. Well, I know what to buy next time I'm in Akron, OH or Greenville, SC. This is a superb beer!

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A Virgin Voyage to Total Wine and More

So I have this non-beer drinking friend. She reads this blog but stops when she gets to the beer review section. Jeez! She will put away a cherry lambic once in a while because it doesn't taste like beer, but still. But what she did for me recently defies the odds. This girl went into a Total Wine alone last week, and with the help of one of their workers there, picked out a dozen of the best beer presents you ever saw.

If you can imagine someone with a Christmas present wrapping fetish, well then you know this girl. NO presents have the same paper, NO rough edges, perfect bow on each. And that is how she packaged my beer. Why didn't I just get those beers myself? Why was she wrapping them up? Well, you see, she and the Total Wine were in Greenville, SC and I'm in South Florida. The other funny part is that she had an extreme paranoia about going to jail for acting like Judas Priest. In the end, I wont tell you how I got the beer because you are all very smart with outrageous imaginations. We probably just each drove six hours and met half-way. In the end, I must say, this was one of the absolute nicest things anyone has done for me!

OK. No more chit-chat. Except I guess that my guest needs a name. I bring you.... Beer Getting Girl.

It's a tough work environment. What’s a girl to do? Cut-throat bitch? Nope. Sleep with the boss? Nah, not my style. Hmmm. Bribe co-workers with beer? That could help give me the edge.

I decided who better than co-worker Beer Drinker to test out my theory. I'll let you know how things turn out with my employment here. I decided to visit my local Total Wine and More in Greenville, SC this past Saturday to pick up a few brews that he can’t get in Florida. I did not go unprepared as I also asked him for a wish list. What the hell is a Duck Rabbit? Hoppin' Frog? What is that all about?

I got to the store and easily found the beer section… but I was completely shocked by just how much beer this store has! I looked around the mountains of Bud and Coors Lite for a few unproductive minutes, until a stock boy (who looked like he knows his beer) came to my rescue. It was a true maiden in distress/knight in shining armor moment. My hero!

He scrambled to put on his “beer genius hat” and to give me details about every beer on the shelf! I stopped him and just asked him to help me load up the cart. (Did he really think that I was going to drink this stuff?) We’ll have to wait for the subsequent reviews to see if his recommendations were as good as they seemed!

On my way out I grabbed a couple bottles of wine for myself and took advantage of a knowledgeable manager who offered some great wine recommendations, all within my budget. The manager, identified as such because he wore a tie, was also perceptive when he saw the list of breweries in my hand and the beers in my cart. He clearly knew that I was "sent" and not the end user. A few questions later, he discreetly handed me some cardboard bottle dividers from a nearby wine box along with some handed down folklore on how shipping beer to friends fairy tales end. This place was magical!

Even the lady at the checkout counter was helpful… in her own way. Being as perceptive as the manager, and because she was eavesdropping, she gently mentioned to me that bootleggers can end up in prison for a long time. Thanks lady.

Despite nearly being totally scared out of my secret operation at the checkout, this was a stellar experience! As soon as I can drink the 6 bottles of wine that I bought for a party that never happened, I’ll be back!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Centennial IPA

I was reading my seven year old son a Dr. Seuss book last night. "Dog up on house. Cat down by tree." Or whatever the hell the story of Hop on Pop says. The funny part was that my son was arguing that it needs to be "a" house and "a" tree. I told him that Dr. Seuss is one of the most famous authors and that little boys are not allowed to tell him what he can and can't write. Then I got a little lip so I told him he can't tell Dr. Seuss that because he's dead! That ended the discussion.

Tonight I'm drinking Centennial IPA brewed by Founders Brewing Company in Grand Rapids, Michigan. "Hey, Beer Drinker. How'd you get Founders' beers in South Florida?" Thanks for asking, but that is part of my little surprise that I alluded to yesterday, and I think Friday night, tomorrow, I will give you the full details. The label, which you can see below, was put on the bottle about 10 degrees off straight by some drunk machine at the brewery, and it shows two angels holding up the beer name with hops at their feet.

The aroma has lots of grapefruit, but also has some gentler fruity orange and sweet caramel. You will taste a strong bitter right in the beginning, first sip. There are also some citrus and pine flavors in the beginning. Grassy, too. The small bitter bite is nice but it is also then balanced by sweeter orange and other fruity flavors. The 7.2% alcohol does show up and work the back end of the party, enhancing a late black pepper and spicy exit. Medium carbonation is right on. This beer gives an oily coating in the mouth, yet is still crisp and refreshing. Really quite delicious. I highly recommend trying it!

Dr. Seuss's Beginner Book Collection (Cat in the Hat, One Fish Two Fish, Green Eggs and Ham, Hop on Pop, Fox in Socks)

Oh, Baby, the Places You'll Go!: A book to be read in Utero

Grand Rapids Lettuce - 3000 Seeds - BONUS PACK!

Yes, the bottle is wet from condensation. I just took it out of the fridge and I live in 83-degrees-in-January-humid Florida. No, that is not an optical illusion or a poorly taken picture--the label is THAT crooked!