Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Duck-Rabbit Brown Ale

There is a tree in my backyard and an identical tree in my neighbor's backyard that have recently come under the pressure of a strange phenomenon. (The first picture is in my yard; the second is in my neighbor's yard from a far angle so that they don't think I'm creepy. If you think my photography sucks, tough shit. Click the pics to see them GIANT.) I like to call this the "north side of the tree shed every leaf" syndrome. Seriously, what the hell is going on here? Five years old, never dropped a single leaf, and then in a three-day time period filled the yard with half of its leaves. And only one half? We did have near freezing weather, but that was over a week ago. Then we had dry weather but it has rained. And symmetrically half the tree? WTF! Tree-huggers, any suggestions?

This afternoon I'm drinking The Duck-Rabbit Brown Ale brewed by The Duck-Rabbit Craft Brewery in Farmville, North Carolina. Weird name--maybe these guys can explain why the Easter bunny delivers hard-boiled eggs. The logo is also interesting and memorable. These guys go on to call themselves "THE DARK BEER SPECIALIST" and describe this beer as "Hoppy and Beautifully Bitter".

The label says enjoy by 9/2009 so clearly I missed that deadline. But let me pose a question. Who's fault is it that I missed that deadline? My inexperienced non-beer-buying-non-beer-drinking friend purchased this from a major retailer in the middle of January, 2010, already 4 months past the enjoy by date. Is it her fault for not looking? Major retailer for not putting it on a discount rack for immediate sale? Distributor for not rotating the stock quickly enough? The beer's fault for not being good enough to sell at the anticipated rate? Brewery's fault for not promoting it? I'd love to know your thoughts although I am not a true believer of the enjoy by date in the first place. So I'll drink it anyway and consider it equal to fresh.

The aroma sports some very rich coffee and malts, along with a candy-sweet butterscotch scent reminiscent of ice cream topping. Flavors start out a little nutty with herbal tea very noticeable. Coffee and some chocolate, but plenty of hops are present to make this lightly bitter. Quite different than the sweet aroma suggested. Burnt and smoky flavors hide in the background as well. Light to medium body and carbonation--I wanted both upped just a little bit. Burnt chocolate and coffee flavors are left on your palate when all is said and done. I didn't love this beer, but I did like it and would drink it again no doubt!

Duck! Rabbit!

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Anonymous said...

Trees get stressed. Not sure what kind of tree this is. It looks like some kind of ficus. I'd call your county extension service or local college agricultural dept.

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Thanks. I'll probably just wait it out a few days and see if new leaves start to grow.