Sunday, January 3, 2010

Lump of Coal Dark Holiday Stout

Let's say that probably everyone agrees that there are some flaws with the way health care is administered in this country. But how can any rational person think that the way the government has gone about trying to fix it is a smart solution? Have any of you seen how the government runs programs? The amount of waste, bureaucracy, special interests among so many things is just shameful. So why would we ever put the government in control of our health care? I wouldn't put these dudes in charge of running a golf tournament. And the cost? Holy Shit!

If your Senator was able to get home in time for Christmas, considering he or she was still voting on Christmas Eve, I'm pretty sure several received quite a few lumps of coal in their stockings. Seriously, abandoned mines were reopening last I heard! I am certain that there are quite a few constituents out there that are giving their representatives a piece of their mind, and my prediction is that many of these dudes will likely lose their jobs later this year if they do ever finalize legislation that looks anything like either the House or Senate's versions.

We'll see. For my part, I am giving a big lump of coal to Senator Bill Nelson. Dude, with all the old people in Florida, how can you even show your face here? This is an even worse bill for the elderly!

So thanks for playing along with my story. (Your reward is buried in fine print in the health care bill). I really have just started drinking Lump of Coal Dark Holiday Stout brewed by Ridgeway Brewing in Oxfordshire, UK. The label says "Much More Than You Deserve for Xmas This Year..." Let's hope so!

Chocolate and coffee aroma, slightly burnt too. Flavors start out with chocolate and cocoa, and I can't get the word mocha out of my head, so it's going here too. Roasted and burnt coffee flavors are everywhere as well. Very malty. There is one very intriguing flavor here--black licorice. The licorice and the 8% alcohol play off one another in a wild way, each enhancing the other. Interesting. But for a stout, this was thin. Medium carbonation. To me, this was decent, but my impression is this is one of those beers that you give a cool name, make a shitload of it and people will buy it one time.

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