Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Belgium Trippel

Not sure how, but I ended up on the Justin Kownacki website today. Someone mentioned it probably, maybe Twitter. I really liked his post today which suggested that just because you can write doesn't mean you should. And I also loved his smart ass analogy thought: “If the right guy at CBS would just watch my web tv pilot, I’d be banging Margaret Cho tomorrow!”

Which brings me to his main point. If your website and content aren't fresh or interesting or deserving attention, why would anyone spend time or money there? Which brings me to my question for you. Do you find my blog unique and interesting and deserving attention? I mean, there's been so much talk about beer pairings, right? Which is exactly why I paired sarcastic storytelling with informative beer reviews. For You! Do you agree? Do you think my website sucks? Let me know! Except you, Cooking Asshole!

Remember, though, as the great Michael Scott from The Office said, "Last week I would've given a kidney for anyone in my office. I'd have reached right into my stomach and pulled it out for them." That's how I feel about you! You don't want my liver.

Beer Time! Tonight I'm drinking New Belgium Trippel brewed by New Belgium Brewing Company in Fort Collins, Colorado. Looks like three angels holding one glass of beer on the label. Serve at 45 degrees. Best Before April 23, 2010. OK.

Fruity pear, apple and banana with some spiciness, too, on the nose. Similarly, fruity orange and pear start out the flavors, followed by some banana. There is also a subtle darker fruit profile, like raisins. But then the orange flavors come back again. I really like the way the orange mixes with the 7.8% alcohol, nicely intertwined, like one of my favorite drinks (hint: Grand Marnier). The carbonation is on the high side and prickly, a bit overdone I'd say. You finish a bit drier with some alcohol and banana left on your palate. Nice little beer. AND it kicks its little brother's ass for sure. Check it out!

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