Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Old Jubilation Ale

Hey Bill O'Reilly,

Can you do something about the advertisements on Fox News Channel?

It is absolutely ridiculous and insulting that this network thinks it needs to double the volume for its commercials. I will never buy something from AFLAC, LegalZoom (don't anger Robert Shapiro), Atlantis, Lexus or Sandals. I am a regular viewer, I have thought about this before, but last night this was just pissing me off. So I'm making a public stand. I guarantee that I am not alone, and if this problem doesn't get solved, not only might you (and your colleagues) lose some viewership time from me, but I will NEVER buy a product from any advertiser I see on FNC when I do watch. I will also name these advertisers frequently so that others (if they wish to opine as well) can put the pressure on Fox News via your advertisers.

I realize that these decisions are not yours to make, but reality check knows that you are the Big Man On Campus and have a lot of influence. Like when you put the screws to how many celebrities to hold their charities accountable after 9-11, which was awesome, I'm asking you to act similarly on behalf of your viewers.

Thank you for listening. Now go book Barney Frank again!

Looking around the internet, even our Congress has decided this is an important issue. After all, when healthcare bombs, they are going to need this commerical-volume-lowering pat on the back! As annoying as this whole thing is, the government needs to stay out of it. How hard is it to force action by attacking the offenders' pocket books?

Tonight I'm drinking Old Jubilation Ale brewed by Avery Brewing Company in Boulder, Colorado. There is a nice winter scene on the label, complete with snow and horse-drawn sleighs.

Sweet caramel with booze, plus dark fruits make for a nice aroma. The flavors are sweet to start, too, with dark fruit and a touch of caramel. But hops and an oily, piney bitterness comes in to balance that out--I liked that part. Low carbonation and oh so smooth and creamy. A boozy alcohol then comes in and warms a ton; it is not concealed at all. Same with the nice little spicy hit you are forced to take. This was a pretty decent beer, nothing too exceptional, but good. Time to move on to next season!

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