Monday, January 4, 2010

Olde School

The gang from work has been out and about for the Christmas and New Years holidays. Texas, another Texas, North Carolina, South Carolina, New Mexico, and who knows where else. I love these guys--they really seem to get as much of a thrill with the beer hunt as I do. They keep asking me to make lists of beers I haven't tried. I know. I hear you! They must think I was born yesterday. They all have this website bookmarked on their Blackberries! But still, I do play along. So screw the beer distribution laws. I'm starting my own underground railroad. Who wants in? And thanks guys and gals!

Only one beer for today. That being the case, I opted for Olde School, a barley wine style ale brewed by Dogfish Head Craft Brewery in Milton, Delaware. The label gives two options, from which I chose neither. Option one is to pour the beer into two snifters. Option two gives instructions on how to bury the bottle in the woods to age it for a year, considering it "ages with the best of 'em."

The aroma is quite fruity with plenty of maltiness and sweetness. Alcohol too. I taste a ton of cherries right from the beginning--love them. Sweet but very nice. There are also some caramel flavors, but they are more in the background. What really stands out are fruity flavors, which happen to be dancing all day with the 15% alcohol in this mama! Peaches, raisins, and grapes (especially as the beer warms) all have their spotlight. Brown sugar and syrup flavors show up, but not that syrupy thickness. Rather, this has a very, very smooth, creamy and buttery texture. A little on the sweet side, I will say. Medium body, low to medium carbonation. Friends, skip the after dinner liqueurs and crack a bottle of this open with your guests. They will be impressed! One of my favorite DFH beers!

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