Saturday, January 30, 2010

Orchard White

Here in South Florida, we've been eagerly awaiting the arrival of beers from The Bruery, a Placentia, California brewery with a great reputation. I had almost forgotten about it though until fellow Florida beer enthusiast Mike said a few days ago that it could be this week. Since I couldn't convince the wife to be designated driver for the long hike up to the Jupiter Craft Brewer's Festival this afternoon, which was a pity, I decided to have a festival of my own over at the Pembroke Pines Total Wine, where they'd hopefully have their new shipment.

Yep! They had four different bottles including the famous 2 Turtle Doves and the one I decided to review today. They all come in wine-sized bottles, and I grabbed one of each, a bit like a kid in a candy store. When the cashier packed up my wine box with my beer purchase on the way out, it felt good. Cap that off with a Grand Marnier wannabe shot by the door and I was set for the day!

The Bruery beer I decided on was Orchard White, a Belgian-style witbier. The bottle is quite handsome and elegant. It says serve at 45 degrees, that it's brewed with spices, wheat and oats, and that this is a year-round beer.

Wheat dominates the aroma, with a good dose of lemon and orange and just a tad of spice. Flavors also bring out a lot of wheat with yeast and banana all over the place. Orange and lemon peel along with some coriander also are significant contributors. The texture is dirty and it feels thick in the mouth. I can't help but think of the word "foamy". Bready and grainy, too. Also, the carbonation is very high, zippy if you will indulge me. There is this lingering, dashing-in-and-out flower flavor that keeps saying hello, and a light black pepper spice can be found toward the end as well. The 5.7% alcohol was not a factor. Yeasty, dirty ending. Definitely a decent beer, but I was expecting a little more wow! Check it out if you can.

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