Friday, January 1, 2010

Samuel Adams Coastal Wheat

How many Miami doctors does it take to figure out an expensive audio and video system so that we could ring in the New Year? The answer is six. Exactly six. From 11:45 until 11:59:47 last night, these six (including two who own the system and presumably know how to operate the thing) fiddled, changed cords, changed input streams and a bunch of other crap I had no idea what they were doing. The reason I said "exactly" is because they got this thing figured out as the countdown to the new year was on 13. Just in time!

Of course, I wasn't with Dick Clark. I wasn't even with Ryan Seacrest. I was watching the live video on Caracol TV from Bogota, Colombia. Yes, seriously! Ah, tradition is not lost. But I guess that's what I can expect at a party in Coconut Grove with my wife and mi suegra's friends. Anyway, I had a nice time, the kids played nicely, we had a nice meal. On the way home, I could not believe that I-95 was a parking lot at 2 am. I guess everyone else also got the memo it was a party night.

Since the only beers I had yesterday were in the afternoon and not really part of the party last night, I'm really looking forward to a beer. This old dude was trying to poison me all night with some 18 year old Scotch (Alcohol Shiver). After two glasses on the rocks, that's when I wimped up and switched to Bailey's and wine. No beer available, unfortunately.

Today I'm drinking Samuel Adams Coastal Wheat brewed by The Boston Beer Company in Boston, Massachusetts or Cincinnati, Ohio or Breinigsville, Pennsylvania. This beer is a member of their Brewmaster's Collection.

Aroma is mainly wheat and lemon, with a light spice, not bad but not too powerful. Lemony and tangy flavors to start. The wheat flavors then take over, and I can't help to equate them with eating cardboard. The consistency is strange and off as well. Medicinal with a weird bitter toward the end. You finish with a dry, unpleasant lemon-infused band-aid flavor, and it lasts on your palate. NOT worthy of the Sam Adams name and not very good!

Happy New Year!

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