Friday, January 29, 2010

Santa Fe Pale Ale

Holy busy workday, Batman! After I got done reading my fan mail, the ones that suggested I just review beer and be boring and keep my opinions to myself, a tsunami of actual work came my way. It's actually still coming, but I've got my priorities set on you! I did manage to squeeze in a beer tasting with some coworkers to celebrate the end of a busy month. Was good. Dead Guy, Raging Bitch, Gonzo, Storm King, Hibernation Ale. Except for Dead Guy, which was too big for my 7 pack, they are all pictured here together in this kick-ass assortment. Yes, I'm a good co-worker, I know! My friends liked the names, and it was fun watching their faces and listening to their comments. We drank out of ceramic coffee mugs. Was that or Styrofoam.

After all of those big beers earlier, tonight I'm drinking Santa Fe Pale Ale brewed by Santa Fe Brewing Company in you guessed it, Santa Fe, New Mexico. Very original!

Fruity orange aroma. The flavors are fruity too with a solid amount of caramel flavors as well. Orange, peach and honey in addition to some citrus are the main ones. Just enough hops crash on the couch to add a bitter touch of refreshment. Medium carbonation, medium body, not watery like a lot in this style. In fact, this was very flavorful! A dry finish with just a touch of metal ends this beer, its least attractive aspect. However, if this beer were available here, I'd probably drink it again.

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