Thursday, January 7, 2010

Ten FIDY Imperial Stout

Today I'm writing my 400th posting, which means about the 390th-ish posting with a beer review. So I wanted to pick up something really different and good. Don't get me wrong. I have several at home that would be great options... OK you got me. I just wanted to go browse the aisles at Total Wine and needed to invent an excuse. They restocked some good ones in the past week. Some Brown Shugga' and Double Bastard and a couple others. There is also their "Clearance" section, but it is not very well placed, a little out of the way. Seriously, they could get rid of all their Weyerbacher Imperial Pumkin Ale if they just put it on a shelf right by the entrance. It's already priced terrifically at 75% off: $2.99 for a 4-pack. Just nobody knows that TW wants to get rid of it. BTW, I have a pic of the "pumpkin-and-stuff-to-go" shelf, but don't know how to get it off my phone--yes, I'm an idiot.

ONE surprise bottle. The famous Magic Hat #9 was on the shelf. I've heard so much chatter about that beer that my ears are burning. Well, now I got me some for a rainy day.

So for that something special I ended up picking a beer I already had at home--a beer in a can. "In a can?" you ask? Yep! Ten FIDY Imperial Stout brewed by Oskar Blues Brewery in Lyons, Colorado. I've had a few of their other beers, also canned, and remarked that they were the best I'd ever had from a can. Well, this guy has quite the awesome reputation. I was curious, so I went to the OB website which suggests that Ten FIDY is so named because of the 10.5% alcohol in there. Mystery solved!

Lots of stuff happening on the can. From "this dog'll hunt." to "Cross-eyed. Cyclopean. Cancupiscent." to "Half-Baked. Fully Roasted." I guess I'll need to go back to their site (and a dictionary) to figure that stuff out. On the bottom of the can, "Come to the dark side" and for the record, this one was canned on 10-27-09 at 15:27.

Mmm. Malty chocolate and licorice aroma. Milk chocolate flavors start things off along with a really nice black licorice taste. And I am immediately impressed with how well the alcohol intensifies both the chocolate and licorice. Awesome! Smokey with raisins and vanilla and a really good dose of roasted coffee, too. This beer is super complex and everything works so nicely together. That bourbony alcohol ducks in and out and gives a nice little burn, but it is oh so delicious. Creamy texture is great, just keeps coating the mouth. Good body, medium carbonation and a really nice chocolate and coffee flavor is left on the palate. This was one terrific beer and it sooo earned its reputation! Check out this beer for sure!

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Cooking Asshole said...

Oh! the elusive magic hat! We don't get that out here. It is from Vermont right? I would love to try some one of these days.

I think I saw the Ten FIDY at my beer store...I will have to double check but if memory serves me correctly I will have to pick some up.

As far as your camera phone...either email it to yourself or hook it up to your computer via USB.

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Yeah, Magic Hat is from Vermont. And you guys probably get Ten FIDY; we get 4 or 5 OB beers here in FL.

I have no phone email plan and the USB didn't come with the phone. My cell phone is for making 10 stupid calls a week and texting when I'm drunk at night.

Cooking Asshole said...

your regular camera usb will probably fit in your phone...

Call Me Thirsty said...

That Ten FIDY sounds like something that I hav to pick up and try! Would love to see you post some pictures of the drinks that you review!

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Hey Thirsty.

Thanks for stopping by. Definitely try Ten FIDY. I have lots of pictures, so maybe I'll take you up on that suggestion.

Unknown said...

I'm a big fan of most of the Majic Hat beers, all are good, though some like #9 are only good one at a time, not as "session" beers.
Tried the ten Fidy tonight, it's a geat call by my new favorite beer blogger. Thanks for the idea.

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Wow! Favorite beer blogger? Thanks!

"Take that, Cooking Asshole!" Yes, I know you cook too.

If you noticed a few days into the future from this review, I did try the #9, and although it wasn't a favorite, the one at a time thing I can certainly see. I hope to try other Magic Hat beer soon.

But... speaking of one at a time, I'd rather have one Ten FIDY, which might catch up to you if you drink too many.

I know that's like comparing apricots and chocolaty-rich-stoutness, but whatever... Life isn't fair.

Donna said...

I thought it was called Ten Fidy because it looks and pours like motor oil. I love a good rich stout, but this one might be too much for me (I thought the same about Cigar City's Marshal Zhukov too). Maybe I'll give it another try next time I get my hands on it (which probably won't be soon since it isn't available in MI).

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Hi Danger Girl.

I love the rich and thick chocolaty stouts. Loved this one, never had CC's Marshal Zhukov though. What I really don't like is bourbon barrel aging.

As for the name, I think I got that info from their website but could be wrong. I like your alternate reason, though. Very creative.