Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Thunderhead India Pale Ale

Today, both of my children got their second dose of the H1N1 vaccination, provided free of charge (oops, wait! I do pay a hell of a lot of money in taxes!) by the Broward Health Department, bless their souls. I waited until today before I actually published this sentiment, around a month since they got dose number one. I mean, I'd look awfully fucking stupid if my kids were amongst the 0% that died or got sick from this vaccination! Yes, I do realize that there is a statistically insignificant chance of something going wrong, like there is with EVERYTHING! The day of dose #1, every teacher had a mask. Today for dose #2, not a single mask. That says a lot!

But seriously. Fuck it! (After speaking with your doctor) Get your kids vaccinated for the H1N1 virus. It's free (or cheap), it's easily given by nasal spray and most importantly, it's safe. (I mean if my county health department AND Obama say so, it must be true, right?) It's so safe that some doses had to be recalled because their efficacy was challenged. They didn't have enough of the virus to be sure the recipients were fighting it off. Anyway, that's my non-medical opinion on this matter.

Today I'm drinking Thunderhead India Pale Ale brewed by Pyramid Breweries in Seattle, Washington; Berkeley, California; and Portland, Oregon. This beer came from my buddy in El Paso. Drink by 12/31/2009 for the record, which is kind've bullshit considering it wasn't even purchased until the middle of December. Whatever, I consider one week late to be equivalent to the Caddyshack golf shot that didn't go in the hole until Bill Murray blew up the golf course.

Here we go. Very lemony aroma, sweet with hops. Weak flavors include light citrus, lemon and grass. Dirty and earthy tasting with a small bitter bite. After trying to find any flavors, the 6.7% alcohol just becomes annoying. You finish very dry and the best part of the beer is the lemony bitterness left behind on your palate. Not a winner.

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Cooking Asshole said...

Taxes are for suckers and Pyramid is a fucking shitty brewery...the only good beer they have is "curve ball" and that is because it is almost impossible to fuck up a blonde ale. I always steer clear of their trash. I did, however, review this beer (as it is new on the scene) and gave it a 3.5 out of 5 but only because I took their history into account. They used to be MUCH worse. Seriously...

Beer Drinker Rob said...

This was actually the third beer I've had from Pyramid. The other two I didn't publish (at least yet) but were equally unappealing at best.