Monday, January 25, 2010

Voodoo Vator

Two funny things today.

On the way out of my kid's school parking lot this morning, I spotted a Florida license plate that said "HOPS". Yes, HOPS, that's it, no numbers or other letter distractions. I took off after that car! We were actually on the move so I didn't get a good photo from my cell phone at 50 mph. Even when we got to the next traffic light, this dude was turning right and never did come to a complete stop. But I did get a photo, shitty as it is, and I know what vehicle to look for in the days to come for a better photo opportunity.

When I got home, I had a letter waiting from the Neptune Society, "America's Cremation Specialists". The envelope tried (successfully) to get me to open it by offering a "Free Pre-Paid Cremation!" There was one of those cards inside as well, the kind you (older generation) used to fill out to get a magazine subscription, but this one was an information request card with a Pre-Paid Cremation prize bribe. I had no idea cremation was advertised before death, but I guess it makes sense. When she got home, my wife asked me why I had saved this particular piece of junk mail. I just smiled in that special way.

Again, get used to shitty pictures here. This one is better than the license plate HOPS picture. If you don't like it, buy me some photography lessons and a new camera! Click it and you'll be able to read everything.

Tonight I'm drinking Voodoo Vator brewed by Atwater Block Brewery in Detroit, Michigan. There is a skull on the label with a hat on. Hmmm. They call this a Dopplebock High-Gravity Lager.

Holy Shit! These guys must have invented some super-carbonation time machine. Even Unibroue and their usual over-indulgence in bubbles has nothing on this! Except when I was in a college bottle-tapping war, or dropping a bottle on the floor followed by an immediate opening, or Diet Coke + Mentos, I have NEVER had a bottle of beer explode on me like this one. The undisturbed bottle caught me completely off guard when it overflowed everywhere. Sucks!

Once I was back in control, the aroma was decent with sweet dark fruits. But yep, you guessed it, the massive carbonation stifled any flavors and it was hard to taste anything. There were some distant burnt and roasted malty flavors, but the main taste in my mouth was sterile operating room chemical, and that dried out my mouth very unpleasantly! Not good. Not satisfying. If there was one blessing here, it was that the carbonation on opening got rid of a third of the bottle for me! Pass!

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