Monday, February 1, 2010

2 Turtle Doves

Big Beer! That's your story for today. Argue with me! Actually, since I can sense some desperation, I will tell you that the rain here today in South Florida was incredible. Summer thunderstorm level without the thunder and without the quick finish. The Bank of America and McDonald's parking lots had a wake in them requiring my yacht that I left at the marina (NOT!). My feet were underwater at one point. It rained the entire day and sucked, except for having the water to drink and keeping plants alive and that type of insignificant crap. Whatever, Mother Nature. Bring it on! I'll just call Noah up next time!

Also, I qualify to be nominated for a BOB AWARD which is given by our local paper, the Sun Sentinel. Nominate me and vote for me in two weeks if you like my website. If not, don't nominate or vote for me, but at least tell me why I suck.

Today I'm drinking 2 Turtle Doves, the second beer I've had brewed by The Bruery in Placentia, California, after trying Orchard White a few days ago. The label says this is a Belgian-Style Dark Ale and is suitable for aging up to ten years. Yeah, right, like a beer in my house could make it 'til 2020! This beer, brewed with cocoa nibs and toasted pecans, is the second verse in their "Twelve Beers of Christmas" saga. WÆS HÆIL! That is apparently Middle English for wassail. Again, the bottle is wine-sized and very nicely presented.

OK. Roasted nuts with chocolate, that's how the aroma starts, and there is a touch of spice after a little bit. Wow! The flavors are a little different than I expected, although I didn't really put much thought into what I expected. But I must say that you can really taste the pecans, right away. Very nice! Extremely malty with cherry and other dark fruits. Very rich and coats the mouth completely. Woody aspects, too. Pretty smooth with low carbonation.

At first I thought this beer was perfectly balanced between bitter and sweet with the 12% alcohol completely hidden except for little alcoholic jabs that were kinda cool. But then about half-way through wine-bottle beer, brandy flavors showed up with a sweet and alcoholic army! Definitely a surprise attack. I was nearing (never again) SoCo land but luckily the special ops nutty pecans had just enough to protect me. This is really getting some alcoholic-super-sweet-candied flavors now. The beginning wasn't bad and was certainly unique and interesting, but I felt obligated to finish this. I really didn't want to. Find a few friends and share it. Tell me what you think. My other bottle will likely "cellar" for a while--I was wrong!

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Mike - said...

I've sampled this one a few times before and love it. I bought two bottles last week. One to give a proper review on and the other that I will age.

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Hey Mike. I hope you love it still. For me, I couldn't get past the alcohol and sweetness to the point of not wanting to finish it.