Saturday, February 20, 2010

Beer Social Media Epic Meeting One

First, "Daily" means daily. "Forever, Beer Drinker?" No! Not forever. You really should be reading something else. Do you know I just looked at that word "daily" for about five minutes hoping I have spelled it correctly for the last decade?

Guess what beer I'm gonna review for you tonight? NONE! That's right. None! A cool picture? Maybe. I went to a well-planned get-together with some local beer bloggers, retailers, distributors and influencers at my best friend's house. Yes, Total Wine in Pembroke Pines. How did you know? This is a picture of this store. I took it today. Yes, those are Palm Trees. No, one of those cars isn't mine, so stop stalking me! Move to Florida if you wanna be like me. (I'll probably swap homes with you if you're serious. I hate Florida!)

Fun people, very well dressed, especially the ripped jeans and sandals. I've met some of these guy's clones in college in Ithaca. Very smart, knowledgeable, connected, funny, interesting, etc. Oh. And we sold at least $50 worth of beer product to actual customers while the real Total Wine employees were somewhere else. And at the end, the rest of my buddies were headed out for dinner somewhere.

Total Wine actual customer experience tonight: "I don't like the bitter beers." OK. Let's fill up your mixed sixer with some Sam Adams Noble Pils, some Sierra Nevada Glissade Bock and a handful of other solid beers. I finally told this dude I had to run home to write this for you and that I wasn't an employee there. He was baffled as I left him in the refrigerated section. Another lady, I was her fucking hero when I compiled a "Monk in the Trunk" sixer for her. Jesus, I hope she likes it, because, honestly, I think it sucks. But the customer is always right, and she asked for it by name!

You're gonna hear about this for a long time. Another meeting like this is probably a quarterly gig, so get sort-of used to it! Finally, if you guys are actually reading this, thanks for the awesome night! My family isn't home at 9:30 PM so I need to see if they were kidnapped or something. Strange!

Here's what we drank (plus two homebrews that kicked ass!) And I somehow got one of "Chung's" extra homebrew bottles. He's famous, too. Like the Lenny Kravitz of South Florida brewing! Update 2/22/2010: Chung from Coffee District asked that I mention the two brewers that brewed this beer, Kevin Abbot and Chris Black. Awesome job, guys!

Oh, and Total Wine customers are such pricks, sometimes. Throw that shit in the garbage can!

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