Monday, February 15, 2010

Blowing Rock Winter Ale and The First Snow Ale

Valentine's Day and President's Day, two stupid holidays back to back. So here you go with two winter beers back to back. It's time to do away with them. Both came from my friend in South Carolina. That stash is coming to a close, though!

What else did this day screw up? Well, I really want to invite Dick Yuengling to this little party we're having on Saturday at Total Wine. So I called the brewery this morning, to the number listed for Mr. Yuengling. After 25 rings I hung up. Tried back around 9:30 and after 15 rings some dude answered. I explained why I was calling. The dude finally told me he's an operations engineer, he's the only person at the entire brewery working today, and to call back tomorrow.

Tonight I'm starting with Blowing Rock Winter Ale brewed by Boone Brewing Company in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania for Blowing Rock Brewing Company in Boone, North Carolina. They have the same website, so you figure it out if you care. I met a cute chick "down the Jersey shore" one year from Wilkes-Barre. Whatever. "Go To The Mountains!" as the label says.

Caramel, spicy nutmeg and fruity aroma. Pretty powerful. Lots of cinnamon and nutmeg and vanilla to start off the flavors. It's one of those types of winter beers. Bready with caramel and light fruits, too. Tangy and metallic with a hit of alcohol as well. The vanilla and overt sweetness are both annoying aspects. It's not that the flavors are bad, they just don't work well together and some are so dominant they start to piss you off! Pass on this one.

This evening I'm also drinking The First Snow Ale, a winter seasonal brewed by RJ Rockers Brewing Company in Spartanburg, South Carolina. This one has a date of 12/10/09 on the back, which I think is a drink by date. Oops! Actually, this was purchased in mid-January, 2010, and was part of my friend's Total Wine purchase from their Greenville, SC store. Just so you know, I was told that the entire Greenville store was scoured for old beer and any beyond its date was returned to the distributor for some fresh choices. The label says "Malt beverage brewed with honey and spices". OK.

Strong cinnamon and nutmeg aroma. That is all. Like a pumpkin beer! The flavors are much weaker, watery thin, and still all about the spices. Metallic, band-aid flavors with a dry finish. Low carbonation. On the slightly bitter side. Not that great and very boring! Also a pass.

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