Friday, February 12, 2010

The Dark Side Belgian Style Imperial Stout

The Vancouver Winter Olympics start tonight with the opening ceremony. I think it's kind've cool to see all the different countries and their flags and how many people they have there. It's always funny to see the country with one person. Anyone know if the Jamaican bobsled team is still around?

But the truth is that I hope the USA pummels the world in every event. Ski jumping: GOLD GOLD GOLD. You get the point. Even in sports like, what's the big shuffleboard on ice called... yes, curling. I hope we kick the world's ass! If you don't agree, you are a terrorist!

Tonight I'm starting out with The Dark Side Belgian Style Imperial Stout brewed by Terrapin Beer Company in Athens, Georgia. This beer is also known as Side Project Volume 9, one of their experimental beers that they only brew once. This big 22 bottle was "brewed with evil intentions" and they tried to make it "as black as the underside of Vader's cape". OK. Nerds.

Roasted caramel, very malty aroma. But wait, the aroma also is very hoppy, with some licorice in the distance. Interesting. Now, let me tell you that the flavors do not match the aroma in the slightest. Dark chocolate and coffee start things out. The chocolate tastes like a very high quality European style. Lots of yeast and lots of vanilla, too. There are plenty of hops to balance out the flavors. The back side has a some kick to it, with both spicy and alcohol components. The bite is a little harsh and the prickly medium carbonation makes it even harsher. But not too bad. Licorice flavors show up and stick around as the beer warms up a little bit. Not a very thick stout. Creamy but NOT smooth. You finish with a lingering coffee flavor on your palate. Maybe I'm saying this because I read all the "experimental" language on the bottle and I've been brainwashed, but this seemed like they were trying to do something unique and ran into a few surprises and rough edges along the way. I wish my college science experiments went this well. Very nice beer!

Grateful Dead Terrapin Dance Bandana

Tiny Turtle Stud Earrings in Sterling Silver, #2630

To Terrapin: May 28, 1977 Hartford, CT -- Grateful Dead


Michael Jurewicz said...

The Coffee District in Delray Beach tapped this on draft last Friday. I was lucky enough to get the first glass. It was great. I can't wait to grab a bottle. I assume you got it at Total Wine? I was at the Boca one Wednesday and they didn't have this yet.

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Hey Mike. Yes, at Total Wine in PP. I gotta get up to that Coffee District place you guys are always talking about.

I was at TW today too and they still had a handful of them. Why don't you call over there and ask them to reserve one for you since you'll be there next Saturday anyway. Just in case Boca doesn't get some.

Michael Jurewicz said...

I'm going to the Boynton store tonight so I will check there first and then if not I will reserve a bottle.