Friday, February 5, 2010

Glissade Golden Bock 2010

What a wonderful few days! I took my son to the dentist yesterday, and this man is patient (but he is still a dentist). Before he could even start on my 7 year old's small filling, my son said "I hate you!" right to his face. I almost fucking collapsed! The dentist replied, "It's OK if you say that to me". Yes, really. Guess he's used to it.

Then I got home to find a report card, same kid. Honor Roll minus the conduct portion, which means no honor roll. I kinda knew about it because of a prior meeting with the teacher, but her misconduct check marks are cumulative so although he only got 2 in the whole term, he missed honor roll. Don't get me wrong, I am happy that his teacher is a dictator, but I'm thinking the Asshole Dad is going to make an appearance with teacher and princiPAL to talk about some fairness. After all, they segment the grading, so the "sign the books" needs to reset, too. Ask me some time about my 3rd grade essay about "Courtesy and Consideration" assigned to me by my mom when I got a similar report card. I'm gonna ask her for it. It's awesome!

Then right at the end of the day today I got a voice mail from a "no-name-no-caller-ID" person that said "You People Suck!" Click. I saved that file on my computer if any of you need a pep talk.

Picked up three year old at school only to hear a tiny boy say to his mother that I looked like I just got out of bed! Guess his mother needs to teach him a lesson, too, because he opened the school door for me. And of course I am not oblivious that I need a haircut in the worst way. Smart observation, big mouth!

Tonight I'm drinking Glissade Golden Bock 2010 brewed by Sierra Nevada Brewing Company in Chico, California. I snagged this on the way home from work at Total Wine. Yes, I took one bottle from a full six pack from the refrigerated section. A true retailer's nightmare am I! I did, however, look on the shelves, both in the singles and what I like to call the "cool stuff" sections, but it wasn't in either spot. So guessing they like to sell stuff, I kept my cold bottle!

Light floral and citrus aroma, with just a touch of malty sweetness. Weakly hoppy to start with some lemon and citrus along with plenty of grass and earthy flavors. Very smooth. A hint of spice and some bread flavors do develop but as the beer progresses, the back end fades to nothing. The finish is pleasant. Dry with a little yeasty earthiness left behind. Medium carbonation with fine bubbles is nice, giving a creamy feeling in the mouth. I didn't notice the 6.4% alcohol at all. A nice beer. Solid.

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