Saturday, February 6, 2010

Holy Mackerel Mack In Black 2009

First, a public service announcement. Don't get caught up in all the nonsense hype from the Super Bowl this weekend. If you do drink too much, don't drive a car! Not only because you don't want to get in trouble. They make those laws because people die. It's serious shit! Anyway, I heard on the radio this morning that AAA and Budweiser have a program throughout Florida (where the Super Bowl is), where if you're not fit for driving, you call up a tow truck and they will take you and tow your car home, free and confidentially. So all you Bud Bashers, show some respect for this Tow To Go program! The number is 1-800-AAA-HELP and since I hate when they don't use numbers in phone numbers, considering lots of cell phones don't have them on there, it's 1-800-222-4357, and you don't need to drink Bud or be a member of AAA to use it.

After that kid's comment yesterday, I shook my ass over to Supercuts this morning. My stylist sat me down in the chair and asked me in broken English if I'd like a haircut. Um... I told her that's why I was there, so she tried again. Finally I just told her I wanted it very short, I wasn't messing around. That's when I remembered the "One Semester of Spanish Spanish Love Song" and broke out my own. Dos for the attachment on the razor. Cuadrado for how to shape the back. I was on a roll! What didn't click for me was when she rang my $3 tip up for only $2. I looked but my writing was perfect. I guess hair styling is just a hobby and she's independently rich.

This afternoon I'm drinking Holy Mackerel Mack In Black, an imperial black ale brewed with pomegranate juice by Gordash Beer Company at the Florida Beer Company in Melbourne, Florida. Whatever, for me, it's local! The label calls it a malt beverage. Not sure why because that screams 40-ouncer to me (and probably a lot of people). Being local, I was surprised that I had NOT seen this on the shelves EVER (trust me, I keep my eyes open, too). Until a few weeks ago when I picked it up at Total Wine. This is the 2009 version, but the label does mention it's suitable for one to two years of aging. Finally, crazy fish drinking a glass of beer on the label.

Dark fruit, lots of raisins and also sweet, along with a rich and inviting chocolate aroma. Chocolate flavors start things off, very rich and malty. There are plenty of dark fruits, raisins and raspberries. It's here that I ask, "What the hell is a pomegranate?" I probably couldn't pick it out of an exotic fruit line-up. Anyway, there are also coffee and molasses and burnt flavors that contribute to a very interesting beer. The rich flavors do subside toward the end, which is when I'd say I taste the unknown pomegranate. Medium carbonation, thick motor oil consistency. Very different. You should check it out!

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