Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hopslam Ale

So all the cool kids are doing it. No, not Ecstasy, dumb ass! First Chris Brogan asked for his readers to comment on his blog, even if it was just a "hello". Then Lisa Barone took it a step further and called me a lurker, which was unacceptable. Basically they dared people to come out of the closet and post for the first time. And in both instances, I did. First time!

I do regularly comment on a few other blogs in my space (beer, humor, food, and basically any site I find interesting). Some of these people probably wish I'd stop. But these social media kids with lots of followers yet semi-limited comments were saying "put up or shut up!"

It worked for Chris. He said he usually gets 20 or so comments on each post average, but this one had 960. And Lisa's had 71 as of this writing, first day. And both responded to a lot of them. I'm guessing Lisa will reply to most if not all of hers since she has a more manageable number. She replied to me saying this is a "snarky beer blog" and that she wouldn't "seth-godin" me. That could be the first time Seth's been a verb and a negative verb since Lisa called him out a few months ago. Check out her first sentence. I wish I knew chicks like this in college!

To the point! Post something here today. Aren't you tired of reading Cooking Asshole, bunny, and my mom's comments every day? Do something about it! Make today the day you tell me how awesome I am, how much I suck, what beers I should be jealous you get at your local 7-Eleven, whatever. Just do it! Nike (Jordan, not Tiger) style!

Tonight I'm drinking Hopslam Ale brewed by Bell's Brewery in Comstock, Michigan. Now I will admit that I already have an opinion about this awesome beer since it was part of last Saturday's Beer Tasting Extravaganza (see #4), but today it gets its proper review, without other competing flavors in the way. The label has a picture of some poor dude that got killed or knocked out by some giant hops. The label also calls this "A biting, bitter, tongue bruiser of an ale. With a name like Hopslam, what did you expect?" Batch 9552, which is the same as from the other night. Makes sense since I got my sixer from the same Total Wine store. Oh, and I gave one to my buddy from work who keeps getting me the terrific beers on his business trips. I believe his word for this was "intense"!

I'm also breaking in a new motto. Tell me what you think. Have a few for a kick-ass review! I'm already drinking my second of the five that were left so I practice what I preach (sometimes).

Wonderful fruity orange and tangerine and citrus aroma with a hint of pine, sweet and intoxicating. Just as beautiful are the sweet fruity orange, pineapple and melon flavors that open things up here. Honey adds to the sweet profile but don't worry, this is not too sweet. There are plenty of hops in this beer to keep it perfectly balanced. There are some tangy flavors on the back side here, and the 10% alcohol is noticeable yet mostly masked. I didn't notice it at all last time, but regardless it's a nice component working well with the sweeter flavors to add another dimension. Medium carbonation and body, right on. A nice fruity flavor is left on your palate at the end, yet the finish is the most bitter part of the experience.

Overly hyped? Yes, and it pisses me off that beer nerds do that! This beer was superb, but sometimes I feel that people would sell their first born or knock granny over at their local Total Wine to get some of these beers. Don't do that! But DO get some of this beer if you can! Oh, and "A biting, bitter, tongue bruiser of an ale."???? Not really. That's marketing BS! They should tell it like it is. This is a delicious, fruity, beautiful IPA and is none of the things they claim. I think Larry Bell should consider replacing their marketing director with... ME! If not, I could at least handle focus groups.

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just me said...

Came here from Lisas blog (and your comment Snarky & Beer got me thinking - Beer ummm. Haven't had a beer for 5 years (now in Greece not UK) so it's wine such is life. I accept your "challenge" post a comment. I must admit I do try to on blogs I find even if it is just to say "Hi and thanks for your time in writing (your blog) and I'll be back" - not quite in Arnie style

So challenge accepted one comment posted (OK ofter you moderate).

Anyhow, here is (I hope further encouragement to others) Remember this start taking action like leaving blog comments, retweets and tweets because, if (and when) you start a Social Media Campaign for your site/product/service that is exactly what you will want others to do for you.

For now I'm off to read more about beer.

My new blog

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Hey Russell. Thanks for stopping by and posting a thoughtful comment.

Usually, the first post says "First" and that's it, right?

platypotamus said...

haven't tried the Hopslam just yet, but I do hope to at some point in the not-too-distant future. your comments about the overhyping of certain craft brews definitely rings true, though. I see a similar trend with some people talking down about perfectly tasty brews that just don't happen to be the bombastic "it" beers of the moment. such is human nature, I suppose.

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Hi Platypotamus. Exactly. All that matters in the end is if it tastes good. The word "craft" in my opinion is so overly used that it is taking on some elitist snobby meaning.

BTW, I was just reading about Caribou Slobber on your site. What a funny name!

platypotamus said...

yeah. I somehow missed the actual transition when everything went from "micro" to "craft". I guess it is intended to help with marketing, but it could definitely backfire, as well.


I need to get my hands on some of that Moose Drool, for comparison.

Unknown said...

I will agree that it isn't "A biting, bitter, tongue bruiser of an ale." as it is well balanced. But I will have to disagree with you in that it most certainly is worth knocking granny out of the way.

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Hey Brett.

Thanks for your honesty. LOL. But seriously, it almost came to that down here in Southeast Florida. Five cases for an entire Total Wine store? That's ridiculous! Even the store staff was fighting their customers for it.

VanaBanana said...

I'll bet there are some stupid people who read your blog who don't like beer. Maybe you could review some beers that taste less like beer and more like fruit. What do you think?

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Hi VB. I've had fruity beers like that and reviewed them here. I'm pretty sure that I've pointed them out to you, too.

As for being stupid for not liking beer, well, I try to be entertaining and hopefully if you try enough beers, they will grow on you. But even my wife is anti-beer and I would never say she's stupid!

BeerPancakes said...

I found hopslam at zenos and I agree with your comments. Overhyped and not "biting" but definitely a beer worth seeking out. I will have it again if I see it.

On an unrelated not, thanks for letting me do the guest post. I sent the link over to my brother and I think he is now using your blog to find beers to try.


BeerPancakes said...

I am not sure why my identity says Beer and not Beer Pancakes...

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Hey Beer Pancakes. I bet you told Google that your first name was Beer and last name was Pancakes when you set up your account. That is funny!

You are welcome here any time. Write a review whenever you want and I'll post it.

If any of you missed his review, here you go.

BeerPancakes said...

I fixed it!

Anonymous said...

drinking one now. it is still joy full bliss!

Beer Drinker Rob said...

I'll grab a sixer when it makes it to Florida this season