Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Samuel Adams Noble Pils

Hey Northeasterners! Yes, you DC. Yep, you Philly. And Delaware, definitely! How's that global warming working out for you? I talked to my brother in the Philly suburbs today, and he said on top of the 2.5 feet they got just a few days ago, they have another foot today and are expecting up to another foot more! That is fucking insane! Really. And the most ironic part of it all is that this is the week my parents are skiing in Colorado. Hahahaha. They go almost every year because the snow conditions are better. Whatever, Denver! The best name I've heard for this series of snowstorms so far has been SNOWPOCALYPSE! Now that's a serious name.

Tonight I'm drinking Samuel Adams Noble Pils brewed by the Boston Beer Company in Boston, Massachusetts or Cincinnati, Ohio or Breinigsville, Pennsylvania. I had heard this before, and here is a story about it, but I have not done the research I should have before saying it. But screw it. What I heard is that Jim Koch brewed this for his daughter's wedding a few years back, and it was such a success, that... well... I'm drinking it in Florida. Get it? The label says this is one of the few beers that is brewed with all five noble hops.

Citrus, fruity aroma. Very clean flavors, that was the first thing I thought of. And while there really is no dominant flavor, there are many complexly woven together. Citrus, orange, hops, honey--they all start things off on a really nice roller-coaster in your mouth. But despite being on that roller-coaster, this beer rides silky smooth like those European bullet trains, unbelievable. Bread flavors come through with a very poppy, bubbly carbonation. Very balanced. Light, crisp, refreshing, flavorful, and best of all, NO SKUNK. Pilsner is my least favorite style, yet this was a terrific, tasty beer! In the end, you finish with a dry, clean bitterness. This doesn't de-throne best buddy Boston Lager, but I can understand why you might hang out with Noble Pils!


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Here's a picture, but you can see this beer for yourself wherever beer is sold. It is VERY widely available. If you can't find it, let me know so I can contact someone in your community who is much smarter than you are. Just kidding?

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