Sunday, February 28, 2010

Snow Cap Winter Warmer

Continuing on with the emptying of my draft folder, a winter beer I had a few months ago. It's funny. You learn something every day. I did Google Image search for "snow cap" and about a bazillion pictures came up for marijuana. What happened to the days of snow on top of a mountain?

That day around Christmastime I was drinking Snow Cap Winter Warmer brewed by Pyramid Breweries in Seattle, Washington; Berkeley, California; and Portland, Oregon. This came from my buddy in El Paso. Drink by 03/30/2010 for the record.

Burnt chocolate, malty and nutty aroma. Mouthfeel is heavy and thick right from the start. Lots of burnt and roasted caramel and toffee flavors, very dominant. The nice thing about this beer is despite those big flavors, there is a very nuanced orange and spicy and licorice flavor profile that keeps peeking through. Some light hops do manage to eventually come in and kick the thickness down a bit, but the body is full, along with medium carbonation. The finish has more burnt flavors, which I find to be overpowering every other flavor. I did like that orange and licorice tinge, though. Check it out if you don't have to make it travel an extra 1000 miles to make it happen!

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