Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Summit Extra Pale Ale

First, the US beat Switzerland 2 to 0 this afternoon in Olympic ice hockey, men's hockey, duh. I watched the first period on my computer at work and didn't get much accomplished. Was hoping to catch the very end when I got home, but alas, Ellen's talk show was on and I wasn't able. TWO days in a row with Ellen, after the 15 minutes of American Idol I watched last night, is way plenty!

Second, my wife's client's daughter is a Colombian singer named Marala (this is the song her album (lol, CD) is named after). The client gave my wife her latest CD during a client visit last week, I guess because my wife is Colombian. Anyway, check it out. I think it's pretty good, even the Spanish and French songs that I don't fully understand, and she does put out a few in English, a trilingual CD! I put a link below at Amazon, too, if it floats your boat! Not Shakira style, which I also love, but nice music. Oh, and she's hot if that helps!

Tonight I'm drinking Summit Extra Pale Ale brewed by Summit Brewing Company in St. Paul, Minnesota. This is my first beer from this brewery.

Bready, grainy and sweet fruit for an aroma. Lots of grains and toast start out the flavors as well. You will certainly also notice some sweet honey and fruits in the beginning before a good amount of hops rush in to provide some bitter relief. Very easy drinker, simple, nice flavors. The medium body and carbonation also work very well with this beer. Good start for this brewery with me. Check them out!

Por Aqui--Marala

USA America National Country Flag 3' x 5'

Shakira: Oral Fixation Tour [Blu-ray]

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