Monday, March 22, 2010

400 Pound Monkey

This morning I heard no less than four people complain about the rainy weather. However, for me it was perfect. You see, I need to return my leased car to the bank in the next week or so, and today was the scheduled pre-turn-in inspection ordered by its owner. The rain on the dark brown car gave just enough cover to hide some of the minor flaws. You know, though, these guys are experts at finding every tiny scratch or ding, and this one was no different, even as it rained on us. Let's just say I am just glad that four years of normal wear and tear are expected!

This afternoon I am drinking 400 Pound Monkey, an English-style IPA brewed by Left Hand Brewing Company in Longmont, Colorado. What a cool name! And the label that goes with this beer is terrific! So terrific that they list the designer, Moxie Sozo, and the artist, Charles Bloom. This beer was bottled on: SMUDGE, but my best guess is 02 26 10, and the 10 is definite. They need better ink.

Citrus grapefruit and hops aroma, but not very powerful at all. Flavors start out with pine and grapefruit and lemon, but there is no bite or kick. Rather, some malty caramel is pretty dominant and balances things out well. There are some herbal and warming alcohol qualities, too. Smooth, easy drinker, and the carbonation is very fine providing a creamy texture. The finish is dry, with some medicinal flavors, the worst part of the beer. The body was on the light side of medium, a little less than I wanted. In the end, a decent beer you should try if you can.

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Click me to see the cool design up close, really close!


Marie said...

I'd like to say when choosing a beer I always look at ABV%, plato, IBUs, brewer, etc. But sometimes they sell me on the name alone. This sounds like a beer I could definitely get behind!

Beer Drinker Rob said...

I look at that stuff too, just a little bit, but our agendas might be a little different. I try them all! LOL. At least all I can get here.