Sunday, March 21, 2010

Eel River I.P.A.

I'm having a few beers this afternoon. Cornell is up on Wisconsin by 12 at the half. Sweet 16? Cinderella? I have my fingers crossed! You should see how that's helping my typing!

Let's start with Eel River I.P.A. brewed by Eel River Brewing Company in Scotia, California. I've had a few other from this brewery, but don't really remember any of them. The label says this is "America's 1st Certified Organic Brewery".

Pretty nice aroma--citrus fruit and grapefruit, with some pine. The flavors are strikingly different! Very deep caramel flavors with a thick, syrupy consistency, much heavier body than expected. It's not hugely sweet, but there is no noticeable bittering answer for that start. Small metallic and drying alcohol feel on the other side. Flavors are not bad. This wasn't really an IPA, but maybe that's why they put the periods in their I.P.A. name, as a decoy. I'd probably pass.

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