Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Espresso Amber Ale

Nice day. I turned in my homework just in time at my son's daycare. Homework, aka April Lunch Menu, is now emailed to me monthly. So when I didn't get it this month and asked for another email Monday, I felt a little like I was asking for a deadline extension. But the front office lady just opened the "bad parent drawer" and handed me a copy that they had printed for just such an occasion.

But today I didn't have the $10 cash in exact change like they try to brainwash us into believing is necessary. Strike two. Trying to joke my way out of it wasn't working either. So I turned the tables on them before I struck out. I said, "You know what? Just keep that $10 change (from my $20), and I will use that to buy raffle tickets for the fundraiser you guys are having now." Instant hero! And I bet I win that 32 inch TV too. Karma!

Tonight I'm drinking Espresso Amber Ale brewed by Peak Organic Brewing Company in Portland, Maine. Obviously this is organic, so we have that part out of the way. There is a quote on the label, presumably from a fan that goes as a caption with the picture, "Celebrating the coffee harvest with farmers in Bolivia." Other bottle adornments: "Locally Roasted", a "Coffee By Design" logo, and a "Fair Trade Certified Coffee" seal. Best Enjoyed Before July, 2010.

Nice coffee aroma with a hint of chocolate, not overpowering but inviting. Rich coffee flavors start things off, with some burnt and roasted bean flavors right on its heels. Just a hint of vanilla in there somewhere, too. This beer starts lightly sweet but evens out by the end. There is a definite hint of smoke and some faint spice. Creamy, medium carbonation is good. Chewy, body is solid but not too thick. By the end, the burnt flavors and a winning bitterness are slightly on the annoying side. However, this is an all-around solid beer with nice flavors, and if you like coffee (or coffee ice cream), you will like this!

The Extraordinary Artisan Handcrafted Organic Coffees of Aloha Island

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