Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Ginger Twin

I am mentally preparing tonight for a Florida bureaucracy tomorrow. Meditation... Check. Acupuncture... Check. Beer... Check! No, not the DMV. Worse! Tomorrow I go to the West Central Library in Plantation to obtain a certificate of eligibility so that my three year old is able to enter Florida's Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten program in August. I prove my residence with my driver's license and my son's age with a copy of his birth certificate. Sounds simple enough, right?

Well, it's overrun with idiot parents and even idioter people that are there to administer the program. This could be done online in five seconds, but no. When I went four years ago for my other son, I stood in a line around a different library for four hours in a baking mid-afternoon sun. Was terrific! Pray for me.

Tonight I'm drinking Ginger Twin, an India-Style Red Ale brewed by Half Acre Beer Company in Chicago, Illinois. This beautiful 22-ounce bottle came home from my friend's recent Chicago trip. The label has two burly angry-looking red-head-eyebrow-and-full-beard twins on the front. Between them is an eagle with hops and an old ship. Very curious.

Nice aroma with a lot of fruity peach and pear, a little hoppy, sweet and syrupy. Some pine in the background too. Really nice flavors, too. Starting with a lot of pine and pine sap immediately balanced with a solid caramel malty balance. There is definitely a fruity component, but not nearly as powerful as the aroma. Tropical fruits pop out more as the beer warms up and provide a nice tangy flavor. The 6.5% alcohol is slightly noticeable and drying toward the end, and only then is the beer slightly bitter. Pine flavors all the way, for sure. Oily texture with a medium body. Medium carbonation is great, too. Flavorful, crisp, refreshing. This was a great beer!

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