Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Highland Black Mocha Stout

Let me tell you a nonfiction story. One of my friends went on a business trip to Chicago today. This is the friend that without fail brings me home some beers unavailable in South Florida. So I did my homework and gave him a potential list. I had the help of two awesome people creating my list.

First, Lindsey from Goose Island Brewery helped me pick some beers that would make my Florida blogging friends jealous! In less than 140 characters, she responded to my top 3 request with "Oh so many! I would say Bourbon County Stout, Matilda & Juliet (if they can find any!) If no Juliet.. Sofie or Pere Jacques". If you use Twitter (and are not a psycho), go follow her!

My second awesome person is the beer and spirits buyer Chris from Whole Foods Kingsbury in downtown Chicago. I've sent other Whole Foods' stores emails trying to prepare in other cities, but Chris sent the most awesome email ever. This was the second response, so we're buds already. Check this awesomeness out:

We currently have dreadnaught which only comes in 22’s. We have bourbon co. and pere jacques in 4packs, matilda in 4packs and 22’s, and sofie in 22’s, we also have night stalker which came out this week. I don’t have any pictures of the beer isle which is about 62 ft long with over 1000 products so a picture really won’t show everything. If you’re looking for 22’s you can’t get down there I recommend the Ginger Twin, Baume, or Daisy Cutter by Half Acre, Dragons Milk, Black Tulip, Night Tripper by New Holland, Behemoth by Three Floyds, the IPA or Pullman Brown by Flossmoor Station, and the Hopmouth by Arcadia. What day is your friend coming? On Tuesday we are getting a very special Founders delivery with Backwoods Bastard and Kentucky Breakfast stout.

So as you can see, the seeds are planted and the ball is in our court! Decisions, decisions. I'll let you know how things work out.

I just opened big 22 of Highland Black Mocha Stout brewed by Highland Brewing Company in Asheville, North Carolina. This is "Highland's most robust beer" and is "Just a wee bit different" according to the label. This is the last one from my friend in South Carolina.

Rich chocolate and malty aroma. Roasted chocolate flavors start things out, and there are lots of coffee flavors as well. Some hops keep this on the lightly bitter side. There is a burnt, nutty flavor that persists throughout the entire beer. That aspect is slightly annoying, but that's probably just my preference and others might enjoy it. Medium body and low to medium carbonation. Pretty one-dimensional, yet a solid beer.


Tired Old Ass Pack



Daniel said...

I think you're right on when you say the Black Mocha Stout is fairly one-dimensional, but a good beer nonetheless.

It, along with Highland's Oatmeal Porter, were the two beers that first turned me on to craft beer while going to school in Asheville, NC. A cask festival is coming to Charlotte next week, where they will feature a cask of Imperial, dry-hopped Black Mocha Stout. I just might check it out.

Look forward to hearing your opinions on the Chicago-area beers. I've yet to have the Bourbon County Stout, though it's on the list.

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Hello Daniel.

Thanks for stopping by. You should definitely check out all the different options at that festival. Sounds like a good time.

The Chicago trip, not sure what will come back. Can't wait to find out!

Talk to you soon.