Saturday, March 20, 2010

Matilda 2010

Thrill and agony yesterday. No, not NCAA basketball. I already rubbed in the Cornell victory enough yesterday, and am now focused solely on tomorrow's second-round game. "So what are you talking about then, dude?" Let me tell you.

First, the thrill. My friend came back from Chicago yesterday morning. Yep, he got me some kick ass beers that are not available to me here in Florida. See the picture: Matilda, which I am reviewing in a few seconds and three others you'll be hearing about in the next week or so. Thanks again! So awesome!

The agony? I was about to take my littlest one for a walk around 6pm last night when my oldest told me that our friend's house around the corner had a major fire in the garage. I walked over only to see the owners crying as the fire chief was leading them in to assess the full scope of the damage. Really too bad. And this morning, when I saw a fire engine scream into our neighborhood, I followed it. WTF? There was once again smoke coming from the same house's boarded up garage. I don't know the details, but this keeps getting worse. At least no one was injured.

This afternoon I am drinking the 2010 version of Matilda, a Belgian Style Ale brewed by Goose Island Beer Company in Chicago, Illinois. You'll recall Lindsey from Goose Island recommending this to me, and of course I already mentioned my friend's help in obtaining the bottle. The label is elegant, presented with striking lettering in black and white. The label goes on to let me know that this beer will develop in the bottle for up to 5 years, and that it contains live yeast. The "Bottled On" section is blank, which is kind of funny.

Lightly fruity with pears and bananas with just a touch of spice for an aroma. Not too powerful but inviting. Wow! The flavors are really unexpected and not timid like the aroma. Very rich and fruity flavors--raisins, prunes, apples, bananas. And a very distinct honey sweetness, but not too sweet. Smooth and velvety texture all the way. There is some yeast and a nice spicy jolt as the beer progresses. The 7% alcohol gives a slight yet welcome burn, too. Complex "deep" flavors, good moderate carbonation. This beer was spectacular in every way! If you are traveling to Ft. Lauderdale from Chicago or where this beer is available, bring some over to my house and I'll make you a great dinner!

One more funny thing I noticed. When you go to Goose Island's page about this beer, all the way at the bottom are two links to "Beer Drinker's Reviews". One link goes to Beer Advocate and the other to RateBeer. But I don't have any reviews on either of those sites. Oh, now I get it, they mean "Beer Drinkers' Reviews" for Matilda over there, and are not referring to me. Well, I hope they will put my review with those other two links (and fix their apostrophe problem while they are at it). Get This Beer! I love you, Matilda!


Matilda -- Roald Dahl

Matilda (Special Edition) -- Danny DeVito

Fun with photography!


Nice package!


Marie said...

it's a Matilda sandwich! I did try that one and it was great.

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Yeah, Marie. With some interesting ingredients inside of it! I drank one and the other one, well, this will "develop in the bottle for up to 5 years". We'll see, but that's not likely at my house.

Cooking Asshole said...

Ugh! I had this beer and I fucking hated it! I am sure it is a wonderful example of the style but that style sucks ass! Tastes like fermented raisins. Gross city.

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Wow, hater!

I'm pretty sure I've "heard" you mention your love for fermented raisins before.

Thanks for ruining it for me, Asshole!

P.S. (Talk to you soon)!