Sunday, March 28, 2010

Old Guardian 2010

My wife has the kids out to see How to Train Your Dragon in 3D this afternoon. It'll be the first movie in a theater for my littlest one, although he is a professional watcher of Cars, Toy Story I and II, and a handful of others here at home. I am sure he's going to love this one! He took the McDonald's dragon toy to the movie with him! Me, I am drinking for you (LOL), paying bills, submitting paperwork (IRS/VPK), and spending money.

Oh, and my boss asked me Friday why I hadn't used the Amazon gift card she gave me for Christmas. Duh, because I never got it. So email resent and it's Christmas in March! Sweet!

This afternoon I'm drinking Old Guardian 2010, a barley wine style ale brewed by Stone Brewing Company in Escondido, California. I could have sworn I had their 2009 version, but I guess not. A year ago I was not a big fan of this style of beer, but have started to enjoy it more lately. That's likely why I never tried Old Guardian 2009. But you know who did? Stone Brewing CEO Greg Koch. And he tells you about drinking a bottle last Halloween on a trip to Mumbai, India. Greg even talks about tweeting using his @StoneGreg Twitter account in his story. Along with over 4000 other people, I follow Greg. One thing I think is pretty funny is his reaction to people calling his brewery "Stone Brewery" instead of "Stone Brewing". It really seems to bother him! Anyway, this is their Limited Early 2010 Release. They also used cadmium in the awesome bottle decorations; however the State of California says they know this causes birth defects or other reproductive harm. You decide if that bothers you. Even the cap gets into the action: 100% natural!

The aroma is really nice. Very hoppy and peppery, nice fruits and plenty of malt as well. Complex, lovely. Flavors start out on the sweet side with plenty of caramel malts, nice and sticky. That initial semi-syrupy consistency is then immediately cut with a strong pine flavor and plenty of hops. There is a nice sharp bitter bite, and that bitterness marries a very spicy black pepper flavor. Yes, they are happily married! The 11.1% alcohol is noticeable but is mostly masked. Nice fruits, booze, and a hint of vanilla weave in and out of the profile as well. The carbonation provides a prickly mouth feel and the body is also medium. Bitter finish with a touch of alcohol lasts a while. Pretty tasty beer, complex. Still not my favorite style, but you should for sure check this guy out! Cheers!

Gourmet Barbecue Trio Gift Set, Stone Brewing Co. , 3 - 14oz Glass Jars

Stone Brewing Company Imperial Pint Glass

Beer Wars ~ Sam Calagione (as himself), Anat Baron (as herself), Rhonda Kallman (as herself)


marie said...

This from the guy who won't buy Russian Imperial Stout because it's too expensive??? LOL. I do love the Old Guardian. It's practically perfect. Hoppy but not overwhelming.

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Marie, I don't remember how much this bottle cost but it was probably around $8 for 22 oz.

Trust me, if there were a 12 oz option, I'd have purchased that instead.

That Rogue RIS you're talking about is like $5 for 7 oz and the giant ceramic bottle is way too much too. I don't like feeling ripped off.

I've had a super long discussion about this with our local Total Wine guy. Eventually I'll cave for that 7 oz RIS.

marie said...

so what's the most expensive beer you've ever purchased?? I bought a dogfish head 120 that I think was $8 or $9. (12 oz.) And my favorite beer (Dreadnaught) is $12 for the 22 oz. :-(

Beer Drinker Rob said...

I bought Brooklyn Black Ops for $20. It was a wine-sized bottle. And I didn't love it.

I really need some cool friends that live nearby to share with. I love you online people, but there would be logistical problems sharing a beer virtually.