Thursday, March 25, 2010

Samuel Adams Summer Ale

I hope that you didn't miss today's Guest Reviewer Brewkkake and his review of Victory Brewing's Old Horizontal. If you haven't left a comment, now would be an appropriate time! It was a relief not to have to do a review, but I still did one anyway.

Tonight I'm drinking Samuel Adams Summer Ale brewed by The Boston Beer Company in Boston, Massachusetts or Cincinnati, Ohio or Breinigsville, Pennsylvania. When I got there I tried to play a game with them as I have with others. Apparently, they don't like me toying with fake birth dates like 2/31/1971:

"We take seriously our responsibility to limit website access to adults of legal drinking age."

Anyway, I searched up and down on my blog because I find it unbelievable that I have never reviewed this beer before despite many encounters. I bought it today even though it's for summer because I am in Florida and when it hits 85 degrees, it's officially time to drink like it is. Drink by August, 2010.

Lemon and wheat aroma, nothing amazing but it is welcoming. Lots of wheat and citrus right away, mainly orange and lemon. There is also a bread and grainy flavor and texture to this beer. A nice crisp little zing comes through as well. The finish is slightly drier with a dirty aftertaste. Not overly complicated, refreshing, just as advertised. Not my favorite Sam Adams but it is a solid beer!


Beer Wars -- Sam Calagione (as himself), Anat Baron (as herself), Rhonda Kallman (as herself)

Samuel Adams: Father of the American Revolution


Ryan K. said...

Hey this is Ryan from HoppyMind. Thanks for checking out my blog. It's nice to meet others with the same things in mind. I actually read your blog quite often and really enjoy your reviews. In some ways I modeled my blog after yours. You've given me some good ideas of things to check out as well. Thanks again. Cheers!

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Hi Ryan.

Thanks for stopping by, again apparently. And what a nice compliment! Nice to meet you and again, I'll be over to see what you're up to.