Saturday, April 24, 2010

Brooklyn Brewmaster Garrett Oliver Coming To Total Wine Pembroke Pines

Oh, wow. I've heard from two of my independent sources some news I'm betting you haven't heard before. Yes, I've become a real journalist, and I think I'm breaking a story! If I'm not the first, I'm close.

Any of you readers live within 100 miles of Pembroke Pines? Yes I realize that you can't live in the ocean between Miami and the Bahamas. You ever heard of Garrett Oliver? Of course you have because you are loyal regulars! Take two deep breaths. One...... Two.......

As the Unofficial Non-Foursquare Mayor of Total Wine Pembroke Pines (which means I am a regular), I'd like to announce a spectacular event. You can meet me there any time, please schedule, but the day I'm suggesting you should be there is August 24, 2010. Bring your books and gear to be autographed. Because you are going to do a tasting of Brooklyn Lager, Brooklyn Brown, Local 1, and Local 2 with Brooklyn Brewery's Brewmaster Garrett Oliver! Did you hear me? Garrett Oliver will be here for a very special and rare free public appearance! As the author of "The Brewmaster's Table" and foremost authority on beer and food pairing in the United States, Garrett will also be teaching you what foods will pair best with your sampling.

On top of all that awesomeness, Garrett will also be happy to sign Brooklyn bottles you purchase or copies of his book that you bring in. So what I'm saying is... Dark Lord Day? Pfft. GABF? Whatever! This is a must attend event!

Here are the details:

WhereTotal Wine Pembroke Pines
When:  Tuesday, August 24, 2010 6:30-7:30pm  Update 5/4/2010 The time is updated. You can thank Ed Roberts for that extra half hour when you see him there!
What:  You didn't really ask me that did you?

There is also rumor of a Total Wine Associates-Only opportunity to meet and hear a presentation from Garrett before the public event. This could be a good time to look into employment with them. Personally, I am so super excited and can't wait to tell Garrett how much I love his Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout and Brooklyner-Schneider Hopfen-Weisse.

Finally, since this is a serious announcement, I'd like to name my two sources and thank them for tipping me off. Thanks to Ed Roberts, Assistant Manager at Total Wine in Fort Lauderdale, and to Rich Nowak, Regional Brand Manager for The Brooklyn Brewery. The two of them worked together to make this event happen so be sure to thank them as well. I guess the event just became officially confirmed too, as they both told me practically simultaneously last night! Super awesome! I'll see you there.


Ed Roberts said...

I met Garrett at Abraxas in Miami last year and he is a great, well-spoken guy. He is among the elite ambassadors the craft beer community and the standout when it comes to pairings with food. I am very excited for this event.

Beer Drinker Rob said...

I am looking forward to it as well, Ed. Thank you for all you did to make it happen.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like some great initiative there, kudos for putting it together! As someone newly initiated into the whole fine foods/drinks world, I just wanted to tell you about the video interview I got the opportunity to do with mr Garrett Oliver today on his visit here in Stockholm, Sweden. Would appreciate it greatly if you swung by and left a comment - and I hope you enjoy the interview, too!

Niclas /

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Niclas. That is awesome and I am jealous. As a beginner, you handled yourself terrifically and were extremely prepared, enthusiastic, and interesting.

For the lazy fans reading the comments, here is Niclas' interview. Terrific.

As for our event here in August, I will surely be attending, but my buddies Ed Roberts from retailer Total Wine and Rich Nowak from The Brooklyn Brewery made this happen!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I'm flattered and humbled by your kind words. Will let you know when I publish the next "rock star" interview! ;)

Have fun in August!