Thursday, April 22, 2010

Jahva Imperial Coffee Stout

I know you're all busy but still enjoy some comic relief, so let me show you a few quick funnies before getting to a big beer review. This picture goes with the beer and theme tonight, but I can't figure out who the photographer is and what website it is posted on. Help, techy geeks! I want to give major funny credit!

First, here is a very funny Amazon review of the Bible. It is very mild PG humor but any "religion is always out of bounds" people, move on.

Next, Julie Blakley lists her ten favorite curse words in French, with great usage guidelines and warnings. There are some dissenters in the comments, and some corrections too, but the hundreds of comments are almost as great as the post.

Finally, a grilling fanatic that will not be denied. For more funny pictures with sarcastic captions, I subscribe to the Oddly Specific blog. I subscribe by email because I enjoy one email every morning with the new funny stuff to start my day!

Tonight I'm drinking Jahva Imperial Coffee Stout brewed by Southern Tier Brewing Company in Lakewood, New York. Big 22 is part of their Black Water Series and should impose "AN EYE-OPENING EXPERIENCE" according to the label. Serve at 48 degrees F.

More chocolate than coffee for an aroma. Did they name this guy correctly? Not overly sweet or powerful, just nice. Flavors also start with big chocolate, and while the coffee is present, it's not the expected coffee-gone-wild experience other beers have provided. Coffee is more an accent to a rich chocolate stout, and I actually am happy about that! Vanilla bean and roasted flavors are nice complements here, too. You will definitely experience the 11% alcohol and its warming bitey powers as you progress through Jahva; the way it accentuates some dark cherry and fruity flavors is really great. A hint of wood? You decide. Medium carbonation, big body which is only lightly thinned by the alcohol toward the end. Bitter tried its damnedest but never overcame the sugary sweetness of this bottle. Overall a nice beer. For some reason I kept thinking this beer should be used in recipes, but that is not for me to experiment with. Try it if you can!

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BeerPancakes said...

Glad to see another coffee beer...have you started drinking in the morning?

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Oh, man. When I have had beers in the morning, I always let the reader know. Sometimes I have.

But let it be known that would never be sanctioned in my household. NEVER.

So yes it has happened, but not too often.

Hannah said...

First, I love the graphic you chose.

Second, I completely agree with you - the coffee is much more a hint than an overwhelming flavor; the chocolate is definitely the star here.

Beer Drinker Rob said...

I actually liked the fact that the coffee wasn't too strong.

As far as the picture, there is a website that has a bunch of staged photos like that, equally funny, but I couldn't find it. I'd love to tell everyone where to go.