Monday, April 26, 2010


Today we started the day off with a tornado warning at my house. The sky was black and ominous the entire morning. The only disruption from that was the torrential sideways downpour that lasted a few hours. Oh, and the accompanying surfer waves in the parking lot. Plenty of thunder and lightning, too. Remarkably, we kept the electricity on the whole time. Wicked!

Tonight my three year old was to start swimming classes. Not going to happen; classes were canceled. It's a bit ironic considering how gigantically sunny it is right now. And the City of Miramar should know better, that the weather here will change on a dime, and that they shouldn't have canceled this class at 2pm. OK. There's always tomorrow.

Since I have no swimming class to attend, I am drinking Mischief, a Belgian-Style Hoppy Golden Ale brewed by The Bruery in Placentia, California. Big wine-sized bottle was going to have to wait if I was driving later, but since I'm not, what the hell! Although the presentation is beautiful as usual, the red and purple electric metallic lettering is difficult to read over the brown background. So let me help you decipher what it says. "Not quite evil, yet not to be trusted, this Golden Ale is effervescent, dry, hoppy and crisp--you'll want to keep an eye out." If you tilt the bottle just so, you can see "PERNICIOUS!" which means destructive or detrimental. Hmmm. Serve fresh and at 45 degrees F.

Big fluffy head, 'nuff said. Wow! What an awesome tropical fruity bouquet going on here! Pineapple, mango, papaya and orange. Hoppy too. Really good and powerful flavors start thing out. Similar to the aroma, but not as sweet. Still some pineapple and some apple flavors, but citrus orange and lemon are more prominent now. Definitely some yeasty and bready flavors as well. Hoppy, yet not bitter at all. Rather a good dose of sour is there and never leaves. Just a hint of the 8.5% alcohol is noticeable and warms a little, but this beer is crisp and refreshing all the way. Very easy drinker. You finish with a flavorful sour left on your palate. You should get your ass out there and find this now. My favorite from this brewery so far! Thanks to BFF Ed Roberts, who dropped this off at a Total Wine store that wasn't even his own for me. He's so awesome! You've seen and will continue to see his name.

I must admit that when the bottle was almost gone, as usual, I vigorously dumped the sediment the label warned about for one last taste. Sometimes that yeasty extra is enjoyable. This time I should have listened and avoided the clumps of brownish-green stuff. I just skipped that. Mostly!

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