Saturday, April 10, 2010

Running Lunatic--Dogfish Head Last Meal Lineup

I traded beer reviews with my buddy Running Lunatic over on her Cheaper Than Therapy blog this afternoon. I guess opposites attract considering her love for running. Apparently she's showing off some terrific photographic skills here as well that you all know I could never come near. Check this killer Dogfish Head lineup out! If I were on death row and was ordering my last meal, this just might be what I'd choose. Be sure to tell her what you think--she's very needy.

I think it’s only appropriate that, since Mr. DBR is making a mockery of ME on MY blog today, that I begin by describing how this morning I intentionally engaged in behavior unbecoming the Daily Beer Review; namely, running, and not drinking beer.


I ran a 15k this morning in a time that falls just short of respectable. And now I’m having a Bloody Mary. Boo-yah!

Moving right along…and I think this is right up the alley of DBR readers — I had a very special opportunity to taste a huge selection of beers from the exalted Dogfish Head Brewery in Milton, Delaware. It’s probably safe to say that this is the best thing anyone from Delaware’s done since Thomas McKean denounced the Stamp Act of 1765.

Sorry, Delaware.

Here’s the Dogfish Head lineup (we went in order from least IBUs to highest). I include some facts about the beer, followed by our tasting thoughts.
  • Midas Touch – 9% ABV, 12 IBU
  • This ancient Turkish recipe using the original ingredients from the 2700 year-old drinking vessels discovered in the tomb of King Midas, is the oldest known fermented beverage in the world. Beautiful rich, light golden color. Honey and spices.
  • Chicory Stout – 5.2% ABV, 21 IBU
  • Winter seasonal made with a touch of organic Mexican chicory coffee, St. John Wort(!) and licorice root. I LOVED this one. If you’ve ever had the chicory coffee from New Orleans, it tasted just like that. Rich, aromatic, spicy, dark. I generally don’t like coffee beers, but I would have this for breakfast with eggs or after dinner with ice cream and chocolate syrup. Rocked my world.
  • Raison D’Etra – 8% ABV, 25 IBU
  • Deep mahogany ale brewed with beet sugar, green raisins and Belgian-style yeast. As complex as a fine, red wine. Yeah, a little TOO much like red wine for me. And I hate raisins. Not a fan.
  • Aprihop – 7% ABV, 30 IBU
  • Fruit beer for hopheads! American IPA with Pilsner and Crystal malts and “irresponsible” amounts of apricots. I’ll say. This might be a decent sunny-day-porch-beer, but, not being a fan of fruit beers, I would have just as soon skip it.
  • Raison D’Extra – 18% ABV(!!!), 40 IBU
  • Bigger, bolder version of D’Etra brewed with a bunch of malt, brown sugar and raisins. I actually liked this one for all the same reasons I DIDN’T like D’Etra. Strong booziness added context to the raisins and brown sugar.
  • Palo Santo Marron – 12% ABV, 50 IBU
  • Unfiltered, unfettered, unprecedented brown ale aged in handmade wooden brewing vessels. Big fan. Definitely tasted that unique “Paraguayan Palo Santo wood” and the vanilla and caramel.
  • 60 Minute – 6% ABV, 60 IBU
  • Continuously hopped over a 60 minute boil. The session beer for hardcore beer enthusiasts! I haven’t drank a lot of the 60 Minute (because with a 90 and 120, why would you?!), but it is definitely a well-crafted, citrusy, hoppy IPA. Like Mary Poppins, practically perfect in every way.
  • World Wide Stout – 18% ABV, 70 IBU
  • Dark, rich, roasty, complex. Ridiculous amount of barley. “Have one with (or as!) dessert tonight. I second that. Taking a whiff of this beer singed my nose hairs. And tasting it made me swoon.
  • 90 Minute – 9% ABV, 90 IBU
  • In addition to continual 90-minute hopping, DFH also utilizes their ‘Me So Hoppy’ device as evidenced in this video. One of the best beers I have ever had. Pungent and aromatic with the flavor to match. Magic.
  • Burton Baton – 10% ABV, 100 IBU
  • Limited availability blend of English-style Old Ale and an Imperial IPA. Sits on the wood for about a month. Or more simply put, “oak-aged 90 Minute,” which is just how it tasted. It was the 90 with strong tones of oak. Complex, tasty. Very impressive.
  • 120 Minute – 18% ABV, 120 IBU
  • “Brewed to a colossal 45-degree plato, boiled for a full 2 hours while being continuously hopped with high-alpha American hops, then dry-hopped daily in the fermenter for a month & aged for another month on whole-leaf hops!!!” The BEST way to wrap up a blog post (and an evening.) Freaking intense. I had my dad and hubby try this one once and they both couldn’t stand it. Definitely an acquired taste. If you’re not sure, drop a shot of it into a 60 Minute to start out. It has a thick, almost gritty texture. Flavor hits you everywhere. I have yet to finish a whole one by myself but I am more than willing to try, try again.

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