Friday, April 9, 2010

Summerfest 2010

First and foremost, the awesome photo to the left was taken by Ed Hawco at This picture in particular came from his Monday Morning Photo Blog. Go check it out!

I've got other stuff to say, but I thought this Urinal Protocol Analysis was appropriate and helpful considering baseball season just started. The next time you use the men's room at the stadium, make sure you have this plan memorized, but for real it could apply to women, too. I've also heard there is an App for this, but since my phone is a phone, I have no Apps. I left this comment to state my point:

"This is hilarious, although I do feel that this could apply to a woman's restroom as well. No one wants to sit in the stall next to someone either. And then if you factor in the mathematical probability that one or more of the stalls might be being used as shitters, that complicates the equation.

For men, at least you know 99% of the stalls are being used for shitting with the other 1% for shy people, coke users or gay sex."

So what do you think? How do you approach bathroom usage in a public space? Let me know.

Today I'm starting with Summerfest 2010, a pilsner-style "Crisp Summer Lager" brewed by Sierra Nevada Brewing Company in Chico, California. The label has a nice lake and mountain scene on it. If you care to see what I thought of the 2009 version, well then you'll need to click here. Warning, you will also run into a rant about why I hate Facebook, which is still true to this day!

Lemony aroma with some hops. Also a hint of grain and bread in my nose. Nice citrus lemon flavors to start, very crisp. Great medium to upper level carbonation, too. Good hoppiness leaves things on the perfect side of slightly bitter. A little malt leaves this perfectly balanced, refreshing. You will finish with the faintest of skunk flavors, but I got past that so you can as well. Check it out!

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