Sunday, April 4, 2010

Vinyl Lager

Happy Easter! It's been busy so far for me. I've cleaned the gunk stopping up two bathroom sinks (and I have disgusting pictures to prove it, but they are on my phone, which, remember, is just a phone). Then the egg hunt I was going to do for my two boys ended up being for them and three little neighbor girls too. Was fun.

Off to Winn-Dixie for a few items I forgot yesterday like an idiot. Since Publix is closed today, WD was mobbed, and I don't really like that store too much even on the best of days. Wandering around like a tool looking for brown sugar was a treat! Then on the way home, my kids saw the Target sign so I pulled in. We went down the road only to find an empty parking lot. That's when I parked my car on the far edge of the lot, got out and started running the Wally World race, my two kids right behind me! First one in, first one out! I actually didn't get out of the car, but I could have.

Now, since I know you are warmed up and appreciate satire, I picked an appropriate person for the day to talk about. Jesus! Not the real Jesus, although I'd be happy to talk to you about him too. Twitter Jesus! This is where you overly sensitive types (yes, that means you, coworkers) should probably skip ahead. This is not malicious or hateful, but some people don't like making any religious jokes. So be it.

Anyway, you can go see how Twitter Jesus took you through Holy Week, comment by comment. A few of my favorites were on Good Friday: "Not the kind of Friday morning I was expecting." and "Looks like I'm gonna be hangin out here for a while." followed by Easter (today): "Don't call it a comeback." If you happen to be on Twitter, I also find it quite comical that Jesus will not follow you back!

Today I'm drinking Vinyl Lager brewed by Magic Hat Brewing Company in South Burlington, Vermont. The label is pretty cool with interesting colors and designs. The word "Lager" is actually upside down. This 3/4 PINT of Vinyl is "a scrumptious spring lager" according to the label. Drink by the end of June, 2010.

The aroma is fruity and sweet with some herbal tea qualities as well. Grain and tea flavors start thing off, but they start to disappear quickly and are replaced by more caramel and malty flavors. Definitely a little tart fruit floating around in here. Vinyl is on the lightly bitter side, which is fine and actually makes it nice and crisp and refreshing. Really unique and interesting. Check it out!

"Valleys Of Neptune" Vinyl 45 (Limited Edition) ~ Jimi Hendrix

Sony PS-LX300USB USB Stereo Turntable System - Black

Yo Gabba Gabba Exclusive Vinyl 5-Pack Yo Gamma Gabba! Gang

If you have been paying attention, my camera is out of town with my wife, so I'll put a photo here when I get a chance. "Soon?" Yes, soon!

Update 4/5/2010. Here's your picture.


marie said...

Their bottle art is great! I'm going to take some acid and just look at them for a while.

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Yes, it is a bit trippy.