Saturday, May 22, 2010

Fish Tale Organic Amber Ale

Beer Social Media Epic Meeting Two or whatever the hell we're calling this quarterly tasting thing is tonight. Here was the introduction and the detailed tasting notes from the first round.  Tonight's event will take place way off of my normal beaten path at Coffee District in Delray Beach. Yeah, I know. Pfft! This is north of Boca in Palm Beach County! I hope the guys in their Porches and Bentleys don't mind me cutting them off with my Honda!

Anyway, in anticipation of not being able to have a beer or do a review before I leave, I planned ahead. Which is funny. Because at this very moment, Mike from MikeLovesBeer and Ed from TotalWine are giving me shit for doing just that, planning ahead to make sure I know where this place is. I ask one simple freaking question and they tell me I need GPS or some fancy phone to tell me to exit the Turnpike at Atlantic Blvd. The only reason I asked is because the directions Ed emailed me have me going over to idiotville 95. Anyway, my planning ahead review is below. Don't worry about the "Tonight" part. That was last night.

Tonight I am starting with Fish Tale Organic Amber Ale brewed by Fish Brewing Company in Olympia, Washington. I'm actually drinking and reviewing this because I forgot to put any others in the refrigerator this morning, and I'm too impatient to wait on the one I wanted to review to chill. It's all about compromise, people. Well, this is organic, and there is absolutely no possible doubt about it if you can read! The "spawned on date" is not notched like the bottle suggests, and I used a magnifying glass. Not a hanging chad, nothing. Also not a problem! I used my fingernail to put a slight cut on the end of March. I think that's when the first beer I had from this brewery was spawned.

The aroma is fruity with a little grain and a little spice. Sweet caramel flavors will meet you head on in your first sip. As those ease, you will begin to taste some grains along with a nicely incorporated fruity peach and apricot. Medium carbonation and body, both right on. The sweetness you start with is the sweetness you end with, as this beer really has zero balancing answer for that. But this isn't ridiculously sweet, the flavors are good, and this was an all-around enjoyable beer to drink!

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Lost said...

HA! I loved the fact that you notched the beer yourself.


Beer Drinker Rob said...

Yes, lucky for the beer I hadn't cut my nails yet. Whoever is in charge of recycling for the city needs to know I wasn't drinking old beer.

Anonymous said...

this is very pretty. I haven't seen anything from that brewery in my local store. Avon, IN is pretty much Siberia when it comes to organic craft beer though. [frowny face]

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Hmmm. You'd think they might drop some of it off on the way from Washington to Florida? Some People!