Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Kells Irish Style Lager

Looking for the four-leaf clover picture to the left reminded me of my gullible childhood. My brother and I used to play in the back yard at my grandmother's house. There was always plenty of clover to look through, but I don't ever remember finding a magical one. I mean, I did find a leprechaun and he led me to his pot of gold one summer, but never a four-leaf clover!

Which is why I was always in sheer amazement that the older girl next door was always showing off her collection. How did she find them? I'm pretty sure that game lasted a few summers at least before one of her older brothers told us she was taping and tying together three- and one-leaf clovers with very thin pieces of hair. Sucker! My pot of gold eventually ran out too. Big spender! What can I say?

Tonight I'm drinking Kells Irish Style Lager brewed by Rogue Ales in Newport, Oregon. This one is "dedicated to the Irish in each of us". Today is Cinco de Mayo, so perfect beer right? Or not?

Giant foamy white head. Grain and corn with light fruit and sweet honey on the nose. The flavors start out fruity and a bit tart, very delicate. Some peaches are the main thing I notice. Thanks to some noticeable honey, Kells is on the sweet side, but nicely so. Plenty of grain and sweet Jersey corn add to that as well. There is just enough bitter from the hops to keep this nicely balanced. Some wheat flavors show up toward the end and also provide a little bit of texture. Lemon and orange round out the experience. If this were a little more refreshing, it would have been awesome. A very tasty beer all-around is what you have here, though. Try it when you can!

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Barry M said...

Being Irish, I'm wondering what the hell an Irish-style lager is! :D

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Hi Barry.

I guess you've found it in this beer. LOL. If the bottle says it's so, it must be true.

Thanks for stopping by.