Sunday, May 16, 2010

MoM Hefeweizen

Walmart and Costco in the same morning! Yeah, I know, wrist-slitting type stuff. But I'll tell you what, it was a pretty decent experience in both places. Ended up buying presents for both of my kids' upcoming birthdays (you will soon learn their new names: 4-year old and 8-year old) and a new pair of sunglasses to replace the shitty thing I was using. Took a few more pictures of my only green thumb success recently (see below). Doing my review now so I can pay some bills and get amped up for the Flyers game later. Later!

This afternoon I'm drinking MoM Hefeweizen brewed by Rogue Ales in Newport, Oregon. I know, I really should have planned Mother's Day last weekend a little better and done this review then. Whatever! When I was looking around online for some information about this beer, I came across the Beer Advocate page which basically said that this is a name alias for HALF-E-WEIZEN. When I clicked the page for that beer, there was my bottle, same picture, just different name. I'm pretty sure that hasn't knowingly happened to me before, but I thought the alias explanation provided by BA was interesting. You might too. Rogue has "Mom" on its 2010 distribution list, too, and take note that the URL there says Half-E-Weizen. This beer is "Dedicated to the mother in each of us".

Wheat aroma with strong fruity banana and apple accompanied by sweet butterscotch. Really nice! Great flavors right from the start, too! Lemon citrus with spicy coriander perfectly blended with butterscotch and caramel, so luscious and creamy smooth. Definitely some wheat in the profile as well. There is a bitter, hoppy balance to any sweetness. I really like the citrus and sweet teamwork here! Crisp, refreshing, great. I cannot believe how fast this 22 ouncer disappeared! Pissed me off a little. If you see this, grab it and drink it!

Retail Hell ~ Freeman Hall

Breach of Trust ~ DiAnn Mills -- #1 in Kindle Store

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo ~ Stieg Larsson -- #7 in Kindle Store


Lover Lady said...

Sounds like a great summer beer--and you know I love my Rogues! ;)

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Hey bunny. How's it hangin'? LOL.

Yeah, this is a really good beer. Another guy told me yesterday that he was about to buy this at the store because of the review. I hope he likes it, too!

If you hang tight and check back in 15 minutes or so, I've got an opposite end of the spectrum Rogue beer coming up, and it's a mouthful: Chatoe Rogue First Growth Dirtoir Black Lager!

Lover Lady said...

That other one sounds great but I am transitioning to my summer beers right Have you tried the Rogue Juniper Pale Ale? That's a nice beer esp. with a salty nut like almonds. MMMM! Any suggestions for other lighter, warm weather beers?

Rogue Advocate said...

This beer began as Mo Ale in the 1990's and was renamed as Mom's Half-e-Weizen then just Mom Halfeweizen. While the name has evolved, the beer has remained the same - love the dry finish which Pacman imparts. The beer is named for and originally dedicated to Mo Niemi, the matriarch Mo's Chowder House in Oregon, and Rogue Ales original landlady in Newport on the Bayfront.

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Thank you, Rogue Advocate. That is very informative and interesting, about the name and who the beer is named for.