Monday, May 31, 2010

Sofie 2010

Before anything else, Happy Memorial Day! I hope you'll take some time today to remember those that gave their lives for our freedom. Take a moment to also think about the families of those killed while serving, and help them out in any way you can. Finally, say thank you to all the soldiers you know that are still defending us right now! Thank you from me!

So the Flyers play again tonight. You want to know how I mentally prepare for the Flyers v. Blackhawks Stanley Cup Game Two later? I take it right to those Chicago bitches and drink their beer! Who said beer planning isn't important?

That's why this afternoon I'm drinking Sofie 2010 brewed by Goose Island Beer Company in Chicago, Illinois. A few months back, my coworker brought back Matilda from a Chicago business trip and it was a spectacular beer. Well, Sofie came back with the same friend from a Washington, DC business trip just a few weeks ago. Again, many, many thanks!

Beautiful, elegant label, with sophisticated lettering. And the green and gold on a mostly eggshell background was also a nice presentation. This is a Belgian Style Ale containing a blend of 80% ale and 20% ale aged in wine barrels with orange peel. Mine was bottled on 01/29/10 (1056, whatever that means), so I didn't quite make it to the five-year limit the bottle suggests this beer may develop.

Big bubbly head. Lemon, orange and wheat aroma, slightly tropical. Citrus lemon and orange start things off with a beautiful and flavorful tartness. A little apricot is also in the background with distinct wheat flavors overtaking it. Luxurious! You will not miss the wine flavors that are present here, and I know that wine drinkers would adore this beer. As the beer progresses, there is a spicy character that builds. You finish with more fruity wheat flavors left behind on your palate. Smooth and creamy with very fine, awesome, upper-level carbonation. Absolutely refreshing! This is a superb beer!

If from the pictures you thought that I enjoyed this beer out in my back yard, well, sorry. We do have Palm Trees and I guess they like the heat, but for me, it's too fucking hot in Florida, like 90-something, and I hate it here. Those pictures are pretty good though, aren't they? I guess I just need "flashless" environments (amongst a few other things).

Anyway, if the Blackhawks play like Goose Island brewed this beer, it's gonna be one hell of a battle tonight!

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Pretty cool what the glass did to the hedge in the background. But even cooler what I did to the beer!


Lost said...

Yes, good picture. I was saddened that there wasn't the traditional non beer picture to start the review. :)


Beer Drinker Rob said...

I am becoming quite the photographer, but don't worry, the normal pics will be a regular occurrence!

Royce said...

Very nice photos.

This beers sounds delicious. I've never heard of Goose Island Brewing out here on the west coast, so I imagine I can't find this beer. But if I'm back east I'll definitely look for both Sofie and Matilda.

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Thank you very much, Royce. This brewery is in Chicago. They are expanding but are not in Florida where I live either. Both the Matilda and Sofie made an airplane ride with a friend.

If you can find them check them out!