Thursday, May 6, 2010


Planning a beer list for my friend's upcoming trip to Washington, DC. Have two strong leads and two strong lists. I had another story in mind but don't feel like typing now. So I'll talk to you later. Here is your beer review.

Tonight I'm drinking SommerBrau, a K├Âlsch-style beer brewed by Gordon Biersch Brewing Company in San Jose, California. This beer came as part of the buy one get one free sixer deal over at Publix a few days ago. Bottled on 3/31/10.

Light grain and bread aroma, with just a touch of fruit. The flavors are a bit stronger, lots of grain and quite toasted. There is also a faint floral aspect there. Crisp and clean and refreshing. You will continually feel a bitter little nip digging at your palate, but it's just there to wake you up. Simple, good flavors, not watery. Medium carbonation is right on. I'd check this out for sure, and especially if they keep running that special!

Roasting in Hell's Kitchen ~ Gordon Ramsay

Sherlock Holmes (2010) ~ Rachel Mcadams Video on Demand

Crazy Heart ~ Jeff Bridges Video on Demand

Single and Sixer. Lucky you!

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