Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Açai Berry Wheat

Tonight I'm drinking Açai Berry Wheat brewed by Eel River Brewing Company in Scotia, California. The first thing I can think of when I see this beer is "here comes the blog spam" but hopefully I'm wrong. This is an organic beer.

I am actually going to post this in the middle of the night, so I want all of you to tell me if it is flagged for you as spam. (Yes, I know some of you think that anyway, but this is a scientific experiment dealing with Acai Berry keyword and publishing time effects on spam flagging). Let me know.

Fruity tart berry aroma. Wheat and tart fruit flavors start things off. Damn, this needs a little sugar! Watery, diluted berry, yet I guess it is refreshing. I just don't like the forced medicine flavors. A little fake and this would be much better with no berry presence whatsoever. I don't know, just some tingly blech is left behind. Now I had a tart and fruity beer just yesterday in Festina Peche, and this one is like eight rungs below that awesome (by comparison) specimen in the beer caste system. Pass!

Suicide By Sugar: A Startling Look at Our #1 National Addiction

SPAM Classic, 12-Ounce Cans (Pack of 6 )

Pink Sugar By Aquolina For Women. Eau De Toilette Spray 3.4 Ounces

I have a picture and it's pissing me off that I can't find it but let's just say that I suffered through all 22 ounces so you wouldn't have to. If I find it I will post it. "But didn't you just drink it tonight? Why can't you just take another picture?" Yes, I did. And I certainly could. Just not worth my time.

Update 6/8/2010: OK. I found it! Here you go!


Hannah said...

hahaha, cracked up reading your intro re: spam. Ah, açai. Glad to know I shouldn't even add this to my "try" list.


Beer Drinker Rob said...

Good morning, Hannah. I guess there is a market for this kind of light, fruity beer, but knowing you as well as I do, I don't think you are it.

Talk to you later.

Lost said...

Is that what an açai plant looks like? Interesting.

I've never had this particular beer, but I'd say that it isn't really fair to throw this beer up against a DFH. Basically everything from DFH is a homerun.


Beer Drinker Rob said...

Hey Lost. Those berries on that tree in the picture look like the berries on the label I can't find the picture for, so I'm going to say yes.

Festina Peche and Acai Berry are both fruity light beers, and while I will agree that DFH is out of this brewery's league, I think the comparison is OK. If not, then "tingly blech" will have to suffice. BTW I wasn't in love with Festina Peche either, but in comparison...

Talk to you later.

Anonymous said...

ugh. yeah -- everyone's getting into the whole acai berry craze. It's like cocaine was back in the 80s. Sounds absolutely dreadful.

Beer Drinker Rob said...

I thought that acai fad had already come and gone, but I guess this is a resurgence.