Sunday, June 27, 2010

Brooklyn Sorachi Ace

I saw Toy Story 3 today in 3D. Excellent movie! I will be writing a review here soon, because it was, well, that good! This review though is going to focus on Brooklyn Sorachi Ace, a saison brewed with Japanese-developed Sorachi Ace hops by the Brooklyn Brewery in Brooklyn, New York. Less than two months until their Brewmaster Garrett Oliver visits my Total Wine store! Hope you can make that awesome event!

I knew this beer was down here as several local buddies told me how great it was, but as usual, my Total Wine store gets their beers a handful of days later than the rest. In the interim of waiting, local Brooklyn Brewery Rep and awesome guy Rich Nowak sent me a profile sheet and a list of all local locations where I can find Sorachi Ace. In the end, my Pembroke Pines Total Wine got their shipment and I purchased mine there.

The presentation of the bottle and the label are beautiful. This is a wine-sized bottle featuring an Ace of Diamonds playing card. Nice colors too! The back label proclaims this tastes like "sunshine in a glass" so between that an what I've heard, I am psyched to check this out. I took a handful of really good pictures (tell me if you don't like them, though). I actually saw Rich from Brooklyn Brewery twist the cork cage around the bottle neck during a tasting one time and thought it was cool.

Lemony with a distinct funky sour and wet dog aroma. Wow, nice spicy black pepper kick right from the start, accompanied by potent lemon and tangerine rind flavors! Strong carbonation, too, and very refreshing. Good bitterness throughout plus a sour apple and tangy profile that just adds to the enjoyability. There are other flavors as well, layered upon each other in a truly complex way. You'll go through tea and light fruits and soap and wet dog before you are all done, all together. The yeast is mostly noticeable from a texture perspective. Long lasting flavors left behind on your palate. I really enjoyed every drop of this beer and think I'll go back for another if they still have one. Go buy this now! No, not after you finish watching Argentina destroy Mexico. NOW!

Toy Story 3 (Disney/Pixar Toy Story 3) (Little Golden Book)

The Homebrewer's Garden: How to Easily Grow, Prepare, and Use Your Own Hops, Malts, Brewing Herbs

The Brewmaster's Table: Discovering the Pleasures of Real Beer with Real Food ~ Garrett Oliver

Notice I took the time to put my sad bonsai tree in the display. It's still recovering from a winter freeze a few years back. And a close-up of the ace of diamonds.


Royce said...

I have really wanted to try this beer for quite some time. Can't wait to get my opportunity someday.

Also that's awesome that you're getting Garrett Oliver to your store. He seems like a really cool guy, and he's obviously done great things at Brooklyn Brewery.

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Yes, Royce. It's a great beer and we can't wait for Garrett to come to the local Total Wine (=MY STORE).