Thursday, June 24, 2010

Summer Weizen Ale

Tonight I'm drinking Summer Weizen Ale brewed by Smuttynose Brewing Company in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. According to the label, this is an ale brewed with chamomile flowers. I am getting in the habit of reviewing the same beers on the same day/week as some of my local comrades, so let's keep the ball rolling as Clean Plate Charlie, er, John reviewed this today as well! This time I'm the copycat! Best before November, 2010.

Well at least the beer is fresh, because the label on this (and actually all of them next to this on the Total Wine shelf) looked horrible. Little rips, not glued completely or properly, placed crookedly, very sloppy job. And that says absolutely nothing for the absolutely horrid art work. Were they brewing this in the 60's and just didn't update the picture yet? Because that's what this looks like with a lady with an old hair style on a raft that doesn't exist anymore in a swimsuit that's 4 generations out of style swims on the edge of one of the worst blurry, terrible quality, off-centered photographs I've ever seen. If you check out my photos, I often tease how bad I am ( I actually tried to do a worse than usual one below, successfully). But I should be charging to give this photographer lessons. If Smuttynose was going for quaint, well, it didn't work. How about spending a few hours and updating some of your labels to be more appealing? Father, Son, Holy Spirit... please let the beer be much better!

Nice fruity peach aroma, sweet. Again fruity flavors, peaches and oranges. I finished about half the bottle waiting for a hint of bitter or little zing from the carbonation, but I never got any. The only other flavor besides those sweet fruits was a little wheat, flavor and texture. That solo fruitiness lasts but does eventually fade to nothing. Repeat. Very plain. A little sweet, but not bad. Super simple!

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Anonymous said...

for some reason, any beer with "summer" in the name makes me think it's gonna taste gay. And in this case, it sounds like I'm right.

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Hey Marie. Yeah pretty much, you're right in this case. I don't really like being reminded what season it is in the name either. That goes for Winter, too, though those are usually less sissy.

That and S. FL is one continuous summer, which reminds me how much I hate it here.