Thursday, July 15, 2010

Farmer's Tan Imperial Pale Lager

I don't have much to say today, just don't feel like it. My little boy, well he's eight, is on a road trip with my mom, 1200 miles. They should be in Myrtle Beach (4Square) and tired of license plate games and even each other by now.

What else, hmmm? Some fucking asshole managed to open up fraudulent Dell, Home Depot and T-Mobile accounts with my name. Rot in hell, motherfucker! I have a Broward Sheriff's Officer coming to take a report soon, and by the tone in the Citibank creditor's voice and confidence, this person better get on a plane to Africa!

Finally, I heard but haven't had the will to confirm it. Did this gulf oil leak stop today? I guess we'll know by evening news time because President Obama and his highly choreographed Press Secretary will surely have taken credit by then. (Why does Blogger underline "Obama" as a misspelled word? Doesn't it recognize the President's name? Ah, yes, Google knows that this is a one-termer and doesn't want to add it, I guess!) Wow, seems I had a lot more to say than I thought. Email me if you need more, anytime!

Tonight I'm drinking Farmer's Tan Imperial Pale Lager brewed by Southern Tier Brewing Company in Lakewood, New York. As usual with their 22 ouncers, they spent a decent amount of time making a nice presentation. There is a cock with a farmer's tan on the label! Pretty damn funny. Red neck and wings and pure white body. "THE HALLMARK OF HARD WORK" There is a story on the back, and you know what??? I have discovered an alcove of pure light in my house which will permit me to photograph it flashlessly for your pleasure. See below. The label goes on to tell me to serve chilled at 38 degrees F in a pilsner glass. Yeah, dream on! Mine is definitely not that cold!

Fruity peach with grain and sweet flowers. Citrus and bitter hoppy beginning. Some sweet malty caramel and bread flavors dodge in and out, but it's the big (and unexpected because I hadn't read the label yet) 9% alcohol that is cozying itself right up to my throat and stomach. Very warming with some burn. Fruity, spicy too. Bitter ending. As I drank on, the alcohol began to detract from the otherwise nice fruity and citrus flavors. Not refreshing at all. High alcohol and this style don't seem to mesh, and high alcohol is NOT why I drink beer. I'd prefer a Samuel Adams Boston Lager or a Hoss Rye Lager and especially a Yuengling Lager over this for sure any day on this planet! A bit of a mess by the end and one of my least favorite beers from a brewery that brews so many kick-ass options!

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Can you read it? Yeah, I thought so!


Carolyn Jean said...

That's disappointing! I really like Southern Tier. Beer Pancakes and I just had their Inequity and really enjoyed it.

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Hi Carolyn Jean. How are you? And where the hell has Beer Pancakes Trevor been?

Southern Tier has some awesome beers, almost all of their big bottle lineup. The 12 ouncers, hmmm, I'd buy Victory or something else every time.

This one, well, I just brushed my teeth so my wife wouldn't think I spent the day at work drinking with the homeless guy on the corner of 595 and Flamingo Road!

CJ. I visited your blog "Eat Me" which is very flattering. LOL. You have plans for that?

Anonymous said...

"High alcohol and this style don't seem to mesh" -- exactly what I was thinking. I saw imperial pale lager, and I was like, "ruh-roh!"

I don't drink beer for the high alcohol either; it just so happens all the beers I like have a lot of alcohol. ;-)

Beer Drinker Rob said...

I seriously expected a light fruity beer and didn't even pay attention to the bottle or full name of this. That was, until I took my first whiff and sip. Kerplowy!

I don't mind high alcohol but it certainly needs to work with the flavors of the beer.

Hannah said...

I really dig Southern Tier, too - it's one of my favorite breweries. Glad to know that I shouldn't even try this one... I've got to admit, upon reading "Imperial Pale Lager" I was confused and rather skeptical.

Your review confirms what I was thinking. I'll keep this one out of my cart.

Vanessa said...

I'll agree to disagree with you lot on this one; I enjoyed it! :)